Say Farewell to September Carrino!

Say farewell to September Carrino and her big boobs with one final showing for Pinup Files!! September announced a while back on Twitter (her account has already been deleted) that she would retire from modeling this month. Always sad to see models go, but what can ya do? Thanks to September for providing me with great boob content over the past few years and hopefully I’ll get a chance to post a comeback in a few years.

Pictures from: Pinup Files

September Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retire

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September Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retireSeptember Carrino retire

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20 comments on “Say Farewell to September Carrino!”

  1. Michael says:

    Good riddance.

  2. Ass Hat Mendoza says:

    She’s a liar. Lied about a farewell before. Said the exact same thing around a year ago with farewell sets, but just kept doing shoots anyway. Who knows if she actually means it this time? Wil probably keep doing camshows for extra cash anyway, they all do when they “retire”.

  3. micci says:

    What will happen to the hardworking army of photoshop editors she employed?
    They obviously had to put in some long hours.
    It was bordering on the comical, the amount of post production that went into any of her photoshoots.
    Would have love her stretchmarks and all… but all the airbrush work, and reshaping made her a caricature of her former self….

  4. Csynn says:

    Will be sorely missed.

  5. Squalla says:

    So she’s retiring in September? That’s cute.

  6. Emil says:

    Least we have her immense back catalogue to look at if we need her!

  7. John Douchebag says:

    Well she still has a nice pair of tits, but she’s now old and fat, and those tattoos ruined her natural beauty, also the haircut is ugly, so yeah, I won’t miss her, I do miss the young September though.

  8. mikeroyne says:

    those great tits will be missed, but those shitty tatts will not

  9. blue says:

    Why did she retire? This sucks but oh well, nothing lasts forever.

  10. Red says:

    She peaked a long time ago. Though she does look hot in those photos.

  11. j says:

    i lost interest in her long time back, when she began coloring her hair and the airbrushing began to get out of control.

  12. PF says:

    I always thought she looked boring, though she looks fine and has great tits; she did nothing for me.

  13. Bigbrafitter says:

    She’s a warning to all young, aspiring big bust models: stay away from the buffet.

  14. j says:

    ok the buffet line was funny but out of line
    olenty of great models that had bit of meat to them, danni ashe, lorna morgan, the list goes on

  15. Lance Burton says:

    Bye whomever you were.

  16. Chareth says:

    Too bad we never got any hardcore out of her

  17. GojiraMon says:

    She was a real beauty before but she kept wrecking it with her horrible tats, haircuts, and her photoshopping. If you saw her in a video she was amazing looking, largely cause there was no stupid obvious photoshopping. I will never understand why beautiful women wreck themselves like that.

  18. DemBoobiesTho says:

    Her twitter account has been deleted? It’s still up and running. I just checked. She said her final photoshoot is on 24Sep.

  19. YV says:

    I drip some cum out in her memory.

  20. nsaid says:

    Damn, everyone seems to be hating on her, but I liked her hair and tats. I was always so excited to jack off to a new photo set whenever she released one. She’ll be missed dearly. Thanks for the sexy sessions September. I’ll keep masturbating to her pics for years to cum.

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