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Alexis Fawx and Ana Foxxx Having Body Paint Sex!

Interesting episode of porn stars Alexis Fawx wearing black body paint and Ana Foxxx wearing gold body paint while they lick pussy! This is either really hot or kind of messy. I might be too much of a neat freak for body paint porn but at least its unique.

Pictures from: Sweetheart Video

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Brittanya Razavi’s Summer…. So Far!

Are you having a good summer? I hope you do! I know I am even though I’m stuck inside.. slaving away at the computer .. posting big titties all day long for your pleasure… its a sacrifice… it really is.

Anyway.. big tit babe Brittanya Razavi is having a great summer and here’s a rundown of what she’s been up to so far:

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She ate Hello Kitty snacks
A big tit summerA big tit summer

She wore a whipped cream bikini in public
A big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summer

She spent 4th of July barbecuing
A big tit summerA big tit summer

She hung out with friends
A big tit summerA big tit summer

She wore see through swimwear
A big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summer

She showed camel toe and ate meat + pizza
A big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summer

She played Tennis and Ping-Pong
A big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summer

She went grocery shopping
A big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summerA big tit summer

She enjoyed a slurpee
A big tit summerA big tit summer

And finally.. she did an underwater twerk

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