SaRenna Lee in a Boobie Blog Top!!

The legendary SaRenna Lee in a Boobie Blog top!! This is quite the honor because I’ve been a big fan of her since the mid 90’s when she was in pretty much every single SCORE issue that came out. My mind is blown. This is such a treat.

New videos with SaRenna: SarCas Productions

SaRenna Lee for Boobie Blog

SaRenna Lee for Boobie Blog

10 comments on “SaRenna Lee in a Boobie Blog Top!!”

  1. FredMC says:

    I really wish she would’ve done hardcore again

  2. Me says:

    Holy crap! She’s a legend! I wish the pics were a little better though.

  3. Y.V. says:

    Is she a lesbian? I’m checking out her IAFD. It’s rare to come across a porn actress who’s purely done lez scenes.

  4. Me says:

    It was less rare ten or fifteen years ago when she was in her heyday. There were lots of girls then who only did girl-girl.

    1. KingKokos says:


      1. Me says:

        Lol. You sure about that?

  5. wendy says:

    I watched a video with girl that looked like sareena getting fucked by a donkey i think it was her

  6. bill says:

    Sareena had sex with pony

    1. Edgar amador martinez-jackson says:

      Where is that video?

  7. Mr. Lee says:

    What did she use to take those pics, an Etch A Sketch? People stop with the cheap ass iphones made by 8 year old kids in china!

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