Playboy\’s Miss September 2007 – Patrice Hollis

Wow, a new Playboy babe with big natural boobs. Its been a while.

Patrice Hollis Patrice Hollis Patrice Hollis Patrice Hollis Patrice Hollis Patrice Hollis Patrice Hollis

5 comments on “Playboy\’s Miss September 2007 – Patrice Hollis”

  1. badboy says:

    She’s got horribly freakish thin legs but those big hanging black baps make up for it.

  2. Douche Killer says:

    sorry badboy this aint a bbw blog..

  3. Edward says:

    That is awesome. Her hips and thighs are incredible. The boobs are great. Whoa.

  4. lisa says:

    Legs, hey she has beautiful boobs thats why we’re here, and yes she does have nice hips and thighs too.

  5. Mandi says:

    Now, I am a girl, so I am sure I will get “oh you are just jealous” comments, so before I say the negative I will say I think she is gorgeous. Now with that being said, this girl has NO ass, and NO hips. Sorry. she has no curves other than her breasts. Just saying, it looks weird

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