She Needs Help to Pull Em’ Out!

Via: Evil Angel

8 comments on “She Needs Help to Pull Em’ Out!”

  1. Emil says:

    They look like they belong to Ava Addams!

  2. mikeroyne says:

    i was able to recognize the magnificent knockers of ava addams before i saw the label. i think i watch too much porno

  3. Paul says:

    I want to motorboat those fine titties

  4. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Holy COW! (pun intended) Dis bitch got some serious MILKY UDDERS, daaang nigga! Guess I never noticed her cuz she got somewhat of a horse face. But now dat I noticed dat shes more of a PHAT UDDERED COW then just a horse face I might bust a nut or two to her porn vids…

  5. John says:

    Stunning pair….. I could play with them for days. My penis would very sore aswell. I want to play with them now….

  6. bob says:


    Yeah Ivan. We know. You’re gay, and cock is your preferred choice.

  7. IgaHanzo says:

    Best fake tits … IN THE WOOORLD!

    -Jeremy Clarkson

  8. BeerMan says:

    Beautiful set of tits!

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