LéShelle Valentine with Milk!

I somehow ended up checking out a Playboy milk compilation and came across mystery babe LéShelle Valentine and her terrific naturals! Seeing those juicy juggs made me want to dig up some more about her, but I cant find anything. No additional pics or videos from Playboy. No Twitter, no Instagram and only 3 hits on Google so, does she really exist? Am I living in a simulated reality?

I don’t know. Here are the only content I could find on her.

Pictures from: Playboy Plus

Ebony babe with milkEbony babe with milkEbony babe with milk

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One comment on “LéShelle Valentine with Milk!”

  1. Screwy says:

    You can find some low quality scans from some early 2000s Playboy NSS editions with her in them if you Google LE SHELLE VALENTINE.
    People weren’t technically savvy enough to use é instead of e back then.

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