5 comments on “Lacey Banghard Fixing Her Hair!”

  1. Bradford says:

    Oh man, she reeeeeally does it for me. Too bad her sex tape was horrible

    1. jume4 says:

      Yuppp… really bad. Made the mistake of checking it out just now. Does she work sides as an escort, or why would she spread her legs for a fat disgusting psychopathic nigga? 😆
      Never understood people who filmed themselves during sex with their crappy cellphones…
      what do you do with it? Send it around for bragging? You, groaning and shaking your wobbly tummy? 👍

  2. BeerMan says:

    Amazing tits. Love that side view of them.

  3. Deewok says:

    Just watched it too…
    Plate on the wall a bit off putting…🤔😣😬😕🙈

  4. Dave says:

    Great tits, shame about the boat.

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