Kelly Hall is a Pinup Hitch Hiker!

Great set of busty babe Kelly Hall as a classic pinup model trying to catch a ride! She has no luck so she decides to strip down. With those boobs, you’d be a fool for not picking her up. Just got to find a way to get your wife out of the car first…

Pictures from: Pinup Wow

Busty pinupBusty pinupBusty pinupBusty pinupBusty pinupBusty pinupBusty pinupBusty pinup

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Busty pinupBusty pinupBusty pinupBusty pinup

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6 comments on “Kelly Hall is a Pinup Hitch Hiker!”

  1. Joe says:

    Nice to see her tits get a little size back. She had been losing them. Now she needs to do full nudes, show off that pussy…

  2. napaboy says:

    Compare to Lucy Pinder or Sammy Braddy I don’t see so much fullness fluctuation during her career.
    Where did you get this info ?

  3. Joe says:

    From being a fan, with eyes on her sexy pictures. She had been pulling a Sammy B thinking she had to lose weight, and her chest flattened out some. These pics she appears to have back the fullness in her chest. Use your eyes sir.

  4. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Who da fuck is Kelly Hall??? Bitch even famous? Never heard abou dis hoe before and she looks like an average brit, nothin special about her.

  5. helicop says:

    @Joe : do you have pics before and after the deflation ?

  6. Angel says:

    Joe, these pictures are definitely old. They have been taken approx in 2012

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