17 comments on “Katie Price Topless in Thailand!

  1. Phatt Mike says:

    awful tits

  2. TheMorgul says:

    Absolutely disgusting

  3. Deewok says:

    The happy campers out in force again.
    There really are some very sad, angry, negative people on here….
    But hey…..thank fuck my not my problem……i just like girls and tits…
    Katie Price is a girl…has tits and on that basis can suk my cock till my balls are dry.
    Thank you.

  4. Teddy Salad says:

    …and her face.

  5. Lance Burton says:

    All kindsa busted.

  6. Don P says:

    And she has a ginch to wash the sand off her feet? GTFO!

  7. Larry says:

    ..holy fucking woof.

  8. Sebas says:

    When it comes to fake tits ive seen much..much worse.

    But those horrible tattoo`s… ugh

  9. Twisted fire starter says:

    Melt it with fire

  10. Michael Wright says:

    @Deewok I feel sorry for your low standards in life man

  11. BeerMan says:

    I’m assuming she got a boob job recently & her tits will look much better later when her skin stretches & implants sag. At least that’s what happened with my wife.

  12. Deewok says:

    Don”t need to feel sorry for me in anyway fella.
    Concern not required.
    Best you just worry about yourself and all the perfect 10’s that you continually have to fight off.
    Would i fuck Jordan/ Katie Price?
    Damn right i would.
    Beer Man, your a dude, the more you write, the more I like you.

  13. bob says:


    I’m officially making the “oh” face.

    Boundaries man. Boundaries.

  14. Phatt Mike says:


    I agree with Michael – you need to seriously look at your life if you think Jordan is a 10!! jesus christ man, you mustn’t have had sex in about a decade to be that desperate!

  15. Deewok says:

    Never said that.
    Obviously you cant read Mikey boy.
    As for my sex life…im sure its greatly pales into comparison to yours…..oh mighty Adonis…
    Keyboard warriors sure are out in force on this one…
    On yourselves boys….😎

  16. Phatt Mike says:

    I’d rather rather get a BJ off my grandma than go anywhere near Jordan tbh

  17. Have An Affair says:

    I suppose as long as she’s happy with them who cares…

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