Hotel Maid Lana Kendrick!

Busty hotel maid Lana Kendrick is here with your room service which apparently includes a sexy strip!! I must stay at the wrong hotels because I’ve never seen this option on the menu. Maybe that’s a good thing because I’d keep her naked in my room until I ran out of money.

Pictures from: Lana Kendrick

Big tit maidBig tit maidBig tit maidBig tit maidBig tit maidBig tit maidBig tit maidBig tit maid

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Big tit maidBig tit maidBig tit maidBig tit maid

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6 comments on “Hotel Maid Lana Kendrick!”

  1. Dave says:

    Leaning forward and hanging shots are awesome. Therefore some of those are awesome.

  2. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Yooo! Dis bitch got one of the best pair of titties in da biz. And a nice tall bod to both. Dats some premium quality meat right there, niggaz!

    1. Jume4 says:

      My my, you’re a piece of work aren’t you. Are you even African-American?

      1. Csynn says:

        He’s a fat white kid. Humour him, it’s his way of coping with his micro-penis and lack of self-acceptance issues.

        1. Georgia97 says:

          He probably eats his own boogers too.

          1. BoogerEatersFront says:

            Booger Easter here, please don’t group is with someone like him, us booger eaters have more standards than this, and we won’t stand by this accusation.

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