9 comments on “Girl Working From Home!”

  1. Dave says:

    I work from home and often have a wank in the office when there’s nobody about.
    In fact, even when I worked in an office, I’d often have a wank in the evening if I was working late when nobody was about!

  2. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Yesterday, hookers were whorin up on the streets, today they jus be whorin on the internet. Times are achanging…

  3. Randy Savage says:

    That girl is Alison Angel…….one of the best

  4. bob says:


    Yesterday you had your boyfriends cock in your mouth.

    DIAF Ivan. You’re universally hated.

  5. Don P says:

    Yup, times sure are achanging. A comment from him that doesn’ start with “dis bitch” and they instead of “dey” ,hookers instead of “hoes”, It’s either an impostor or he’s getting tired of the phony ghetto gangster bullshit himself.

  6. sam1227 says:

    yup alison angel. Sure do wish she would put out some new videos. She must have quit the business. Bummer as shes one fine looking beauty

  7. BeerMan says:

    She’s beautiful

  8. Jason says:

    Now that is some marriage material. So hot and just from this little clip seems like she has a sweet personality.

  9. Don P says:

    Look her up on Freeones. She was a mainstay on FTV Girls, with her own site there. She’s been retired for quite a while now & is still ranked in the low 600s there. Speaks volumes for her popularity, and overall hotness.

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