Crazy Huge Boobs at the Beach!

Girl with an insane set of tits is going topless at the beach in this video! Can they be real? Is there a god? Questions that have mystified humanity for ages..

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26 comments on “Crazy Huge Boobs at the Beach!”

  1. theoriginalbob says:

    they look great either way, but when she turns over you can definately see the outline the implants.

  2. supersevenn says:

    look real to me. when she lays on her back they squish down. implants stay perky. too bad shes not that pretty but man, what a great pair of tits !!!

  3. annie says:

    Not real. Scars around the nipples.Regular nipples don’t have the distinct edge. Still look nice and proportional.

  4. Dave says:

    They look pretty real to me.

  5. Mr hung says:

    Perfect woman, ‘showing off’ the right way!

  6. Paul says:

    They may be fake but they look real nice.

    @SUPERSEVENN- SHE ain’t that pretty? I wish she was in my bed tonight

  7. jack says:

    they look so deliciously heavy when she is looking at that magazine.

  8. Frank Johnson says:

    They look real to me too, and there ain’t nothin’ better in this world than redheads with long legs and big tits

  9. napalm says:

    they’re real and they’re breastacular ! No fat here. Only glandular tissue.

  10. BeerMan says:

    Not real, but I don’t care. Those are some amazing tits. All of her is very nice.

  11. Corpse paint says:

    Looking good. What’s Deewok’s take tho?

  12. Rodney says:

    You guys really need to get up to speed on modern breast implants. They don’t all look like beach balls anymore. They make them to look very natural now. Although they are beautiful, these are fake.
    Btw, it’s hard to tell but I have a suspicion that Vanea, aka Viola has been enhanced too.

  13. mds_z71 says:

    Not real but not a problem for me. Beautiful tits on a beautiful girl who doesn’t mind showing them off.

  14. Jez says:

    They’re real and they’re awesome

  15. Ale says:

    Usually women dont go that big, not even in the porn industry, those are real and pretty heavy.

  16. Ale says:

    If you think those ae fake you should check out israeli girls more, like Coral Sharon,

  17. Alice says:

    @supersevenn “she’s not that pretty”

    *rolls eyes*

    Sure buddy.

  18. supersevenn says:

    i guess it depends where you are from. If you are from the boonies shes hot, if you’re from Miami shes not. Looks like a regular girl to me, with amazing tits haha

  19. jume4 says:

    They’re real, methinks. Those lines around the areolae aren’t scars but irritation marks due to the sunlight; some people including myself get them on unprotected skin like nipples, lips etc.

  20. Mr hung says:

    Talking as a boob expert, I am leaning towards fake but they have done a perfect job. Honestly wouldn’t matter to me if they were real or fake, I don’t know why it bothers some people. Tick list for me: 1. are they big? Yes 2. Big enough to wrap around my dick? Yes 3.Do they bounce? Yes. 4.Is she trying to hide them? No.
    Conclusion – she is amazing

  21. Al_Anon says:

    My money would be on fake. I’d only take about a 60/40 odds on that one though. If they are fake, they’re pretty good ones. And if they’re natural, they’re unnaturally firm.

  22. dundeered says:

    is it not stacy poole?

    1. Omay says:

      That’s who I thought it was also. Especially towards the end

  23. jm says:

    I think the same thing every time I see arguments online about real or fake tits. Who gives a fuck? Do you need to see X-rays in order to fap? This is the dumbest thing to possibly care about.

  24. Jz says:

    They are real. She is just extremely gifted. Her tits are kind of a mix between Lucy Li and Lucie Wilde / busty buffy imo

  25. Deewok says:

    Titastic Dudes 😜🤘

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