Yaya Han as Jessica Rabbit

Busty cosplay pro Yaya Han dressed up as Jessica Rabbit for the 2013 Comic Con and that was goddamn awesome of her! There aren’t many women who can pull of the figure of this most buxom of cartoon characters but Yaya comes pretty damn close!

A treasure map to boobs: FLING

Yaya Han as Jessica RabbitYaya Han as Jessica RabbitYaya Han as Jessica RabbitYaya Han as Jessica Rabbit


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4 comments on “Yaya Han as Jessica Rabbit”

  1. nyt says:

    is that a dude?

  2. Einony says:

    While we’re on the subject of very attractive women who cosplay, I would like to present Ivy Doomkitty for your consideration. https://www.facebook.com/IvyDoomkittyIvy

  3. velnias says:

    nyt , are you on crack? That is Yaya Han, a very prominent cosplayer who has been doing this for years, is one of the leaders in the cosplay world, sits in as one of the major judges, and is currently seen in a new reality show based on cosplay following people like her in this world. How in the world could you think she was a guy?


    You should have looked up this wonderful and absolutely gorgeous woman before opening your mouth to sound like an idiot asking if she’s a dude. o.O

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