World Cup Babes

More world cup action! I found a great site with tons of pics of sexy girls with their soccer outfits painted on their nude bodies. I only posted my favourites but if you click on this link you can view them all. I think that if the female soccer players looked like this, it would be great boost in interest for them..

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4 comments on “World Cup Babes”

  1. LickTheSplit says:

    Images from

  2. AlfaMale26 says:

    I love how the World Cup always inspires nationalism…
    and FINE art!

  3. me says:

    Looking at so much porn over the years, I’ve gotten accustomed to bare breasts and pussy. Painting clothes on them is like melding that image with the also-common clothed image. It’s perfect. Next time I go to Walmart, everyone better be wearing nothing more than paint. It’s the sequal to clothes. The natural progression. At least as far as image. Will fashion world realize this? Maybe after my time.

    Sorry for long-winded-ness

  4. boobstew says:

    they have wal-marts in Sweden? remember not many girls can look like that in just paint

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