When Boobs are Big!

Big boobs

Lucy Pinder, Stacey Poole, Jessica Davies and Lucy Vixen posing topless in a new Nuts shoot called When Boobs Are Big! I guess we get to fill in the blank so.. when boobs are big… tents get pitched.. I become a staring zombie… small tits get mad.. etc etc.. fill in your own!

Use a Fleshlight while you view the pics.

Lucy Pinder
When boobs are bigWhen boobs are bigWhen boobs are bigWhen boobs are big

Jessica Davies
When boobs are bigWhen boobs are bigWhen boobs are bigWhen boobs are big

Stacey Poole
When boobs are bigWhen boobs are bigWhen boobs are bigWhen boobs are big

Lucy Vixen
When boobs are bigWhen boobs are bigWhen boobs are bigWhen boobs are big

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15 comments on “When Boobs are Big!”

  1. Red says:

    Lucy Pinder needs to get properly naked. Been too long now she has only got her baps out, she needs to show the vag to remain relevant amongst younger hotties Stacey Poole.

  2. BeerMan says:


  3. Johnny says:

    Stunning….. Awesome….

    Lucy Vixen is gorgeous. Got an absolute stunning pair of boobs. I’ll give a good seeing seeing too

  4. Tony says:

    Lucy V is looking hot and sexy as always

  5. Joe says:

    You’re seriously saying Lucy Pinder is no longer relevant alongside Stacey Poole? Oh please

  6. corpse paint says:

    Lucy Pinder started out on top, and remains on top. She’s unfuckwithable.

  7. Staring at her chest says:

    8 of my favourites

  8. Sid says:

    Jaw dropping. This is paradise man!

  9. Papoace says:

    Lucy Pinder is so hot

  10. Younothis says:

    Guys, Lucy pinder and her flat ass need to do one. These pics as all nuts pictures are incredibly touched up. Yes she is facially prettier than Stacey but her body doesn’t compare, Stacey has better boobs and has an ass at least, why you think we never see pinders its because it’s like an ironing board, very off putting tbh plus she must be pushing 28 or so now.

    Do one pinder love

    All hail Stacey Poole

  11. Pefr says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Pinder’s ass and complaining because she’s 28? Yeah, she’s so OLD now! Kelly Brook’s 33, that must make her fucking ancient right? Idiot.

    Speaking of asses, Stacey Poole has a face like one. Seriously, you need more than just “big tits” to be a great glamour model and she doesn’t.

  12. dood says:

    Stacey Poole: “When Boobs Are Enormous And Perfect.”

  13. The Hound says:

    did anyone use a fleshlight?

  14. Younothis says:

    Haha another pinder lover, sick to death of her and at 28 ue she is getting on let the young crop come through.

    You must definitely not be an ass man because pinders is flat as anything nothing their, for me that makes her a a poor glamour model. You say you need more than tuts to be a glamour model, that’s all pinder has got, her body doesn’t compare to staceys


  15. vpman says:

    @Younothis is absolutely right. Lucy Pinder’s body is nothing compares to Stacey Pools body. Stacey Pool has the much better and bigger boobs than Lucy Pinder. And her ass is so unbelievable perfect unlike Lucy Pinder”s flat ugly ass. And with her small waist Stacey Pool has by far the best body of all the UK glamour girls at the moment. I haven’t seen a glamour girl in the UK yet with a nicer body than Stacey Poole.

    Lucy Pinder is overrated……and her fanboys make me sick.

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