What Happened to Jessica Robbin?

Remember 2012 when a busty redhead Jessica Robbin fucked her way into our hearts and blew us all away with her sweet naturals? What happened to her? It seems like she just disappeared as quickly as she appeared! I went looking for her and came to find that all her social media accounts have been deleted. The horror! The only explanation for her disappearance that I’ve found is that she is taking time off to focus on school but that she plans to return to porn in the future. Not ruling out alien abduction though.

Here are some pics of Jessica taking it in the ass.

Pictures from: Let’s Try Anal

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7 comments on “What Happened to Jessica Robbin?”

  1. corpse paint says:

    Last pic: “don’t you hate it when you get raped…”

  2. Jibby Job says:

    Yes, let’s try anal where the average pornstar blows out her asshole at 35 years old and needs diapers at 38. Look up anal prolapse rejection and you’ll see the result of this “sexy time” haha!

  3. Lance Burton says:

    Its either school or her D bag boyfriend getting pissed that she couldnt get him in the business.

  4. scooter says:

    she has a body made for sex.
    she had the on screen aptitude to use that body for porn.
    the kind of face pretty and kinetic enough to actually enjoy LOOKING at her face.
    her personality was always spot on, too.
    there isn’t a scene she made that wasn’t fun to watch.

    this scene, however…i could never get into the anal part.
    and, as the internet is fond of saying: anal’s my jam!
    her personality shone through as it always has.
    her amazingly jiggly chest was…well, amazing.
    i just wish she got into reverse cowboy for it.

    plus, she just looks…not so comfy here.

    but, yeah…if she returned to porn…porn would be the better for it.
    i’d absolutely LOVE to see a recent candid street shot of her.
    more than likely still hot.

    1. janedo says:

      Well put fine Sir…. well put.

  5. Stan Helsing says:

    I heard she got preggers.

  6. Dennis D. Jaeckin Jr says:

    All the porn I have seen. JESSICA ROBBIN IS THE GORGEOUS REDHEAD in porn and she is up there with PENNY PAX and I CANNOT get enough of them both. ONE day I would like to meet them both in person.

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