Wait, Lucy Li Used to Have Smaller Breasts?

I’ve always known porn star Lucy Li as a very busty woman, but these pictures from her Private Castings episode shows a Lucy with much smaller tits.. hmmm… what’s going on here? She says in the video that she is 19 when this was shot so did her boobs simply grow as she got a bit older or is there some sort of artificial enhancement happening?

Pictures from: Private Castings

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9 comments on “Wait, Lucy Li Used to Have Smaller Breasts?”

  1. Iamgrineo says:

    At first there was probably some natural growing early on in her career, then she got pregnant and her boobs got huge from that, they are definitely still natural (she did consider getting them reduced (from an XX-Cel appearance after her pregnancy) but thankfully she seems to have changed her mind on that)

  2. Deewok says:

    You her brother or her stalker?

  3. BeerMan says:

    She looks great then & now.

  4. Al_Anon says:

    I know that they got a lot bigger around her pregnancy. But they weren’t this small. This set from nearly 5 years ago (first one Nik posted) she looks like she’s about 2 cup sizes bigger than whenever the above shoot took place.
    Thats pretty much the size she stayed up until the pregnancy, and now they’re huge.

    I’m thinking she has gotten two sets of implants. One at the very beginning of her career and one when she took time off due to the pregnancy.

    1. Iamgrineo says:

      …you do know that different people develop differently? She was 19 when she started, that is still very young and she could keep developing at that age. Alot of factors impact breast growth, and a pregnancy can be a massive increase for any woman. There are no signs anywhere that she had breast implants, no scars, no imperfections related to implants, and if she wanted to get them smaller, why get them bigger to begin with? Just because they look to good to be true does not mean they have to be fake

      1. Al_Anon says:

        Yes, women get bigger breasts when they get pregnant. And they often shrink back a little once they stop lactating. Not to pre-preg size but somewhere in between. This was a massive jump. And they stayed that way.

        Before that? You are saying that she grew what seems like 2 cup sizes in less than 2 years, post puberty, without gaining any obvious weight? And then they just stayed at that size for the next couple of years? Not buying it.

        The reduction comments can mean almost anything. Could be buyers remorse. Could be fishing for support from her fans. Could have been considering a career change. Could have been a bad translation. I don’t know, and nor do I really care. People can say anything. Doesn’t mean I have take them at their word.

  5. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Dont know if natty or not… nor do I care.
    All I care about is dat dis whore PUTS COWS TO SHAME wit her current set of udders. Moo moo!
    Deres enough milk to feed starvin niggaz like me. Thanks for da mammaries, BEACH!!

  6. Jake says:

    She lost her looks and tits when she got pregnant

  7. Bro says:

    Look at that hot cunt gorge itself on his cock! Fuck.. that pussy fuck it

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