Vanessa Minnillo Nude

Nude celebrity alert!!!
Uncensored pics of Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey in mexico. Thanks to The Nip Slip for the hookup!

Mr. Skin

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11 comments on “Vanessa Minnillo Nude”

  1. scm says:

    too bad she’s ugly and has a major BUSH

  2. Jya Jya says:

    ms. thang is haaairryyy

  3. bew says:

    it’s not that hairy at all. get a grip.

  4. Stew says:

    Her face looks like a mud fence and she is thick.
    Long story short…she is fug.

  5. QueenElizabethI says:

    She IS fug. Those nips are totally lopsided, and the tan lines are gross. She also needs to shave that nasty cooch. Stew, her face DOES look like a mud fence, LOL! Nick went from Jessica to THIS dog? WTF? I bet her cooch smells like beans and rice!

  6. Edward says:

    Her boobs are firm and great shaped. The rest of her is a tribute to the makeup artists and camera men who somehow make her look hot. Of course, her b.f. Nick has the beginning of man boobs himself. Remind me: What is he famous for? Nothing, right?

  7. noirgwio says:

    Well, I Came, I Saw… Er, I Came TO See, That Is… And What Does It Tell Me? I’m Stupid And All Too Curious At Times. Ladies, That Is Average Ladies, A Man Can’t Live By Looks Alone, But Most Of Ya’ll Look Better’an This Nickel And Dime Twat, No Doubt!

  8. r taylor says:

    Smoke & mirrors, & great lighting, makeup
    artists, & the media always brainwashing
    us on how great these people look! Take it
    all away, & they are just like you & me..&
    some us may even look better
    than all these superficial beauties!

  9. JTB says:

    She looks great, but I didn’t wanna see her like this. Maybe she can just do Playboy now that many have already kinda seen her.

  10. Muse says:

    My plug in baby…

  11. obama sucks says:

    Wow nasty BUSH…… she knew she was going get a pic taken from someone…should have been ready and trimed up a bit…nasty bush baby.

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