Valentina Nappi has a Message for You!

And because its in Italian, I don’t know what it is, but the title of the video has something to do with violence against women. So, don’t be violent to women you fucking animals! Either way, this needs to be heard!

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4 comments on “Valentina Nappi has a Message for You!”

  1. Roberto says:

    The translation is, more or less…
    “it must be said a very important thing about violence against women: on 100 deaths at work, 97 are male and only 3 are female. As girl I’m pissed about this. If you think this has nothing to do with violence against women, you’re wrong. It’s a problem of roles: as long as there are roles and differences there will be gender violence. The gender violence borns from the idea that women are precious, at the little girls are taught that they are precious, and from there comes the logic of the wood pussies. At all these feminists, wood pussies, that fill their mouths with “violence against women” and such nonsense I said “give it”!”

    1. TheMorgul says:

      Manslaughter, homicide and murder, there’s no such thing as “feminicide”

  2. Deewok says:

    Am fucking baffled.
    Also she had no pants on.
    Go figure..

  3. oaccount says:

    Here she is:

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