Update Regarding My Free Implants

Ok, let me give an update on my post regarding the site My Free Implants. A while back I wrote a little piece regarding the site and pretty much bashed it to bits. My stand is that if people want implants they should simply work hard and pay for the procedure themselves. Unfortunatley the internet has brought out a whole buncg of people asking other to pay for whatever it is they want.

My stand on this havent changed. However, as a boob lover I love to see as many big boobs as possible and if My Free Implants can provide more boobs then that’s great. If anyone also wants to donate money and help these girls then thats great as well. More boobs for everyone. I also would like to applogize to the girls of the site simply because I shouldnt generalize and Im sure a lot of them are great girls who simply can’t afford to pay for implants themselves.

So, to help more boobs into the world Ive been in contact with the people at My Free Implants and told them that if any of the girls would like some extra exposure I will help them with their cause. Hopefully a couple of you boob lovers out there will donate a couple of bucks and maybe we will get to see the results here in the future.

4 comments on “Update Regarding My Free Implants”

  1. Epiphany says:

    Thanks for the apology. 🙂 It does mean alot, and for some of us girls, MFI is our last hope. I am not a girl who has and just wants, I am a cancer survivor who wants to feel whole again. So, thanks for the apology and letting people know some girls are just simply in need. And of course your a big boob lover 🙂 aren’t all men. lol

  2. Cowboys Angel says:

    I also would like to thank you for your apology,Im not on the site to just get big breast.I got a infection called merca and ended up losing alot of tissue in one of my breast,so for me this is my last chance to just look normal again… Cowboy’s Angel

  3. colleen says:

    although some may say go and make the money yourselves and it would be fantastic to be able to do that, and if we can not then thank you guys for all the help, isn’t that what it’s all about being able to help out when you can, i know i would do and will, may be not for the boob thing but i like to see people happy thats what im all about, and thanks for the apology it really does mean alot to me and all the other girls on the site thanks again, colleen

  4. Casey says:

    Thanks for the apology. After reading your first impression of the girls, it really hurt my feelings since I’ve gone through the whole MFI journey. I get my surgery on July 18th (all compliments of MFI). I haven’t led anyone on–and I still talk to many of the men who donated to me. They ALL know I am married and how many kids I have–and that my husband is military and we just don’t make enough money for me to “indulge” in any kind of cosmetic surgery—too many other important things to pay. So if these sweet, generous men are going to spend their money on something anyway–why not on boobs that will improve a girl’s self-esteem and make her look great. Everyone that is there knows what they are getting out of it–even the guys donating. Anyway–kuddos to you for apologizing and guys come check MFI out. I am a testimonial that you can really help and that it really works. I am the 19th girl on MFI’s Hall of Fame List!!

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