Turkish Reality Star gets Wrong Tattoo!

Naz Mila is a 26-year old Turkish reality star from a show that seems like its similar to The Bachelor. Her (now deleted) Instagram account had a following of almost 1 million, and the reason she deleted it might have something to do with the recent tattoo she got.

All the way from her chest down to her knee she got the popular Turkish saying “Only God can judge my mistakes and my truths.” tattooed on the side of her body in big cursive font.

But, because Naz wanted to show off her cosmopolitan ways, she chose to do the tattoo in English, and she probably should have used something other than Google translate, because she got the words “I can judge the single god with my wrongs and wrongs” tattooed on her body and everyone laughed.

Naz Mila

Naz Mila

Naz Mila

Let’s enjoy her dumb tits:

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11 comments on “Turkish Reality Star gets Wrong Tattoo!”

  1. Deewok says:

    Shamethe tatt actually looks quite cool

  2. Miko says:

    Wow…just wow. Now she has “I can judge God” tattooed on her body….Greeeeaatt! I don’t care what your religious beliefs are…that’s not a good thing, I’m sure…

  3. mikeroyne says:

    haha what a moron. “but tattoos are so special, unique & meaningfulllll!” everyone bleats.

    of all the tatts to hate, the ones with “profound” sayings that people pay to scribble on their bodies are the worst. it tells us that they have nothing worthwhile to say, so someone else has to say it for them

  4. deewok says:

    Never get till die I die why haters hate so much.
    So much negativity and for why?
    Bit sad really
    Folk really need to let go and lighten up a bit.
    Worse things in the world peops….

  5. deewok says:

    Still think looks really cool and suits her, tho obvs context is a bit fooked.
    A lot of people wear shit clothes and have shit hair.
    Am still baffled why grown men ( and women) get so negative about tattoos.
    People’s own bodies.
    Appreciate dont need to like em, but for christ sake stop whingin about it,,,

  6. BeerMan says:

    Comments here aren’t predictable, not at all. Ha ha

  7. geefurious says:

    Am I the only one who thinks maybe it was deliberate? Like a joke about the fact it’s talking about doing things wrong, then has a mistake in it?

  8. Deewok says:

    Had piles mote fun than these cunts

  9. Don P says:

    Self mutilation at it’s finest. Time for piercing now. Maybe a railroad spike thru the temple.

    1. Deewok says:

      Dont let me stop you 😁👍

      1. Don P says:

        You know, you’re the biggest hypocrite around. 5 people make a negative comment about your beloved tattoos, and you whine like a little bitch over and over 10 times about them. Get over yourself, you ain’t any better.

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