Toyota Drift Until Boobs Pop Out Video (Uncensored)

A few days ago I came across a clip of a super hot girl riding along in a Toyota Supra which drifts until her top pops open and tits almost fall out. Thanks to one of the many Boobie Blog surfers I can now post the full UNCENSORED version of the video and it is AWESOME!

All that remains is finding out who the heck she is?

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29 comments on “Toyota Drift Until Boobs Pop Out Video (Uncensored)”

  1. BWSH123 says:

    Wow, not bad!

  2. Edward says:

    Uh, no seat belts? Thank you, unidentified girl, for taking that risk!

  3. greg h says:

    i titty fucked my gf after watching that

  4. T murph says:

    Awesome vid luv it!

  5. BIGdave says:

    oh my god, she has such gorgeous breasts..! wud luv them nipples in my face..!

  6. Andy says:

    I hope that doesn’t happen next time I drive my granny to the shops!…

  7. rich says:

    Nice. But sooo fake. Come on… driver gets to wear a helmet, and she’s not even in a seatbelt? Still nice tits!

  8. mrsmith says:

    she had on the bottom part of the seat belt.

  9. Jeff says:

    Good Lord! She’s gorgeous and her tits are amazing! We NEED to get a name! She’s almost certainly done more topless at least and quite possibly full nudes. Would love, love, LOVE to see more!

  10. BeerBoy says:

    Love those tits!

  11. Shaddup says:

    LOve the tits, and would love to see and know more about her.

    But I agree with the “fake” accusations. They appear to be on a track somewhere, so it’s unlikely they were going very fast. Probably the video of the car drifting and the interior shots are not from the same ride.

  12. PoopChef says:

    Awesome new rape technique!

  13. Mighty mouse says:

    Her name is Masha…and shes hottt!!!

  14. Stoph says:

    Wow, a car that goes so fast womens tops just rip right off!!!!

  15. Jeramy says:

    The buttons on her top are connected to a fishing line or similar and the driver pulled at pre-determined moment.

  16. Big Dick says:

    Beatiful girl and ofcourse nice tits. You know i can download the full video and knows if is russian girl. My dick is stand up only see.

  17. J says:

    Boobs and drifting. No better combination.

  18. S says:

    The girl is hot! but WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SONG lol

  19. Robert says:

    First amazing part: Buttons popping off. Second amazing part: she just gets out the car knowing her tits are out, nice!!!

  20. me says:

    Manizha Faraday – The Toyota Drift Girl

  21. bobby says:

    Your all fucking retarded she had a 5 point harness on her tits were too big to go over the shoulders so the straps under her tits.

  22. Thunder says:

    The best video… It’s like you think no way but then boom titty slip. Car n tits = winning video 😉

  23. tite says:

    wow…. i really want to fuck her at lick her big noobs.

  24. fuq que says:

    shhe was wearing a belt. half of the 5 point harness dipshit

  25. manish says:

    hey guys please give me a link any other vidios …manizha faraday

  26. B says:

    I just got out the hospital from trying tha dame stunt. Don’t get me wrong the girl tits came out but it after the car flipped about 7 times. SMH, but its true

  27. Laura says:


  28. user name is not sure says:

    Fucking idiots she’s hot

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