9 comments on “Topless Gymnast”

  1. Wedge says:

    Keep looking! There is one where she is running and tumbling! Bouncing galore!

  2. B~FRESH says:

    Wow, this is so incredibly old…

    I swear that I have seen it on Boobie Blog.

    hmmm…i guess not

  3. Will says:

    This looks a lot like that flexible girl Cherry, from TryTeens.com… same girl?

  4. Tron says:

    hmm…i never seen this…but i found it to be extreamly sexy for some reason

  5. Cayleigh says:

    I fucking love this girls tits. i would fucking lick her pussy puss till the cows came home… and then some more. I bet her pussy is flexible therefore we would be able to do all sorts of whacky sex moves that are considered by many to be “taboo”. So does anyone reading this want to lick my hot pussy? It is so hot that I need someone too lick me down so that it is not hot anymore. There is a possible fire threat. My pussy is so hot my underwear could catch on fire.

  6. nats says:

    This is Corina Ungureanu, a Romanian gymnast who made some gymnastic DVDs with a couple of topless parts in them.

  7. SadClown says:

    I live to serve. And for boobs.

  8. whuflungpu says:

    i have rips of the dvd if you would like to post them, just let me know where to send them

  9. karn says:

    Isn’t this from something called The Gold Bird? am too lazy to lucubrate

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