Top 10 Boobs In Relation To Body Frame

In an effort to make Boobie Blog even more awsome I will now start publishing a series of articles. This first one was put together by me which explains why its not that great but dont worry, other people who are better at writing than I am is going to contribute as well! Anyways, click the pic to view the top 10 boobs in relation to body frame:


17 comments on “Top 10 Boobs In Relation To Body Frame”

  1. BreastLover says:

    Ewa Sonnet should be on there, close to the top.

  2. Niklas says:

    Ewa Sonnet was considered. She isnt slim enough in some of her shoots.

  3. Edward says:

    Felicity Fey = incredible. Just Wow. Looks like my college girlfriend, except she has those amazing, large boobs. And she’s probably not a lying, cheating, thieving ……. sorry, had a flashback.

  4. matthew says:

    Lucy is the best! Her name is Ala Passtel (Ala short for Alicja), and also goes by Gabriella on DDF Busty. Search for those, you’ll get more of the goods!

  5. J says:

    Anya Zenkova is NASTY.


  6. d00d says:

    I agree about Ewa Sonnet, but perhaps its those eyes of hers that make me like her so much more.

  7. Tom Veil says:

    The exclusion of Petra Verkaik is unforgiveable

  8. matt says:

    Yay Tyra Moore! I need more “black chicks with white dudes”. She is badass!

  9. quantum says:

    love your site and love the idea of this list…but what about denise milani, and diora baird?? how could they be missed? their frames are definitely smaller than jan defi!

  10. ND says:

    Niklas, if you’re going for ratio of boobs to body size, you need to look into Rachel Aldana, September Carrino (unbelievable), or Maggie Green. Heck even Gianna Michaels has a better boob to body ratio than a lot of these girls.

    I always appreciate your effort, man, but this list is a little weak.

  11. SadClown says:

    Outstanding article. Would read again. Seriously. In fact, I’ll read it again right now.

  12. Niklas says:

    Petra Verkaik is a good one, forgot about her!
    Diora Baird I also forgot about!
    Gianna Michaels and Rachel Aldana were considered but I dunno.. both of them got more of a stomach than Jana Defi. When it comes to Denise Milani I decided to exclude her because I havent seen any topless pics and there is rumours going around that she has fake boobs.

  13. Spoungeworthy says:

    Jesus christ…can’t believe some of the choices…what about Lenka Gabarovska? She has to have THE best rack ever…

  14. Niklas says:

    Its not about the best rack. Its about biggest naturals on a slim body. Lenka has great boobs but they are not the biggest.

  15. Aj says:

    Good list, but like others I do think Ewa Sonnet would have made it complete

  16. felicity is the best!! great list, can’t wait to see the expanded content.

  17. P4 says:

    and gianna michaels ?

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