9 comments on “Tiffany Towers Lesbian Scene”

  1. Wiseone says:

    a bit too big but she has a cuteness to her

  2. Magister says:

    Which video is this from?

  3. Douche Killer says:

    she looks like a $2 whore…so wuts her contact info >;-)

  4. Babble says:

    It’s from Boobarella.

  5. tc says:

    Fuck! Talk about fake boobs. Did you look at her beaver teeth? Looks like a trailer trash hoe trying to become big star. Well, she’s big alright. Star? Not with those tits.

  6. tc says:

    You mean BOOBZILLA!

  7. Edward says:

    She’d actually have a decent body without the cartoon tits. Kinda cute, if you’re into the sort of mentally retarded look… in dim lighting, she’d be awesome.

  8. CC says:

    “cartoon tits”
    hey, I like cartoons…and her!

  9. kev uk says:

    tiffany is a legend shes still the best big boob star ever

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