The Tessa Fowler Photo that Scared the Internet!

Tessa Fowler posted this photo to her Instagram recently:

Tessa Fowler boob reduction

and then her Instagram account was deleted! Boob reduction rumors were flying, the world was crashing, news about Tessa getting married, having her tits cut down to size and retiring from modeling were spreading like a virus across the globe!!!

BUT, turns out it was just a dress that did a really good job at hiding her tits and Instagram suspended her account because she broke one of their many ridiculous rules.

We are safe….

…. FOR NOW!!!!

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5 comments on “The Tessa Fowler Photo that Scared the Internet!”

  1. Lance Burton says:

    Dont care. All her shoots are the same lame ass repeats. She could do a month of shoots every day and post them forever. Her career is as stagnant as a Georgia swamp.

  2. Muhamed says:

    At one point this story was trending worldwide yesterday, even higher than the Trump-Muller-Russia reports. Great to see – people realise what is important!

    1. Deewok says:

      You tell me son 👍

    2. GMagley says:

      Ha! Priorities indeed. But yeah she’s a legend, would be sad for this era to end, like Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Eva Notty etc

  3. V.L. says:

    Question, How Do You Know All This?.

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