16 comments on “Tessa Fowler’s Big Boobs in a Bikini”

  1. boulder holder says:

    Incredibly marvellous. Welcome back Tessa, hope to see much more of you soon!

  2. Al_Anon says:

    That’s Tessa Fowler? I barely even recognize her from her older work

  3. bossman says:

    Looks better than ever. Some of the best natural tits on the internet today!

  4. carton says:

    Damn good she looks better than ever!

  5. Roberto says:

    Great set! And her boobs are spectacular, too.

  6. nothingmore says:

    Wow, she retained a good 85% of her breast mass during her weight loss.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great body, well proportioned, lots of natural curves, not too fat, not too skinny… too bad her face.

  8. corpse paint says:

    oh thank you Tessa, for trimming down a bit! this set is amazballs!!!

  9. Boobman says:

    One of her best sets!! #10 is fkn amazing pic. Id love to see a video of this set!!

  10. Tony says:

    Picture #11, where she’s lying on her back with arms up – is that a post op scar I see under her right breast?

  11. hayden winters fan says:

    Tony go home with your troll-comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Boobman says:

    No way are those fake, are u retarded??

  13. Fergy says:

    Great part is….. she’s in her early 20s…. which means those heavy bags will get slightly larger in the coming years!!!


  14. ca uk says:

    fucking fantastic,, them titties are natural guys..

  15. Dude says:

    Wait, what happened to the hole from her navel piercing?

    These couldn’t be old, could they? She looks great, but I kinda prefer her a bit curvier.

  16. dood says:

    It’s been a long time since the last Tessa Fowler post, it was worth it. That woman is perfect in every way.

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