8 comments on “Tessa Fowler Drops a Silk Robe!”

  1. Paul says:


    I would give my left arm to fuck this fine piece of arse.

  2. David Brown says:

    The cutest babe with the most perfect rack the world has ever seen! Were she is or what she’s up to these day’s, who knows?

  3. Tedj says:

    Love Tessa…. anyone know what is going on with her? She’d dropped off the radar….

    1. Boris says:

      Probably retired. Her actual Facebook account has a photo of her with a guy from December 2021. There’s a good chance she got married and has kids and this life is behind her.

      1. Destroyer says:

        I doubt it. He probably treated her like crap and they broke up.

  4. James says:

    what an overdose of viagra in each tit! It could be hell being his brother or his father. Although for me it would be heaven.

  5. mikeroyne says:

    top of the top tier goddess. 11/10

  6. Joe says:

    Last time I heard that she fucked a comedian and the comedian shared his experience on a podcast.

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