118 comments on “Talia Shepard takes a Bath”

  1. corpse paint says:

    No Niklas, I didn’t get your analogy! Haha you crack my shit up dog!

  2. BeerBoy says:


  3. Al_Anon says:

    Easily one of her best sets

  4. Johnny says:

    Oooooo Fuck!!! Absolutely stunning. Nice big round boobies. Just the way I LOVE them. Jesus Christ she is stunning…….

    Ooohhh man….

    my muscle is getting very excitable now…. For for a good wank.

  5. corpse paint says:

    If this girl were to ever proposition me for some sex, I’d be all “sure, sounds great!”

  6. Boris says:

    I think I know her. Either that or someone who looks the same with the same name.

  7. Boris says:

    probably number 2.

  8. corey says:

    She was perfect before her implants and lip injections. No telling what else she has gotten done.

  9. iNinja says:

    She looks better with the implants. Se even said on her formspring that she loves the fake look.

  10. CrazyOldie says:

    Implants or not, I’d tap that.

  11. FredMc says:

    Love her upgraded boobs. She needs to do some hardcore, fast

  12. Dave says:

    hardcore like fucking a giant dildo?

    Search for talia shephard will she explode if you want the video ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Damon says:

    How exactly were these pre-silicone breasts not spectacular?


    She looks good in suds, but I prefer the original versions.

  14. J says:

    Damn! They’re fantastic!

  15. D says:

    You’d better come back soon, Nik! Another boob blog I read shut down this week and all the old content disappeared, I can’t take that again!

  16. ac3boy says:

    RIP Boobs Journal. Houston we have a problem.

  17. Greg says:

    Wtf I need more boobs, where you at yo?????

  18. Boris says:

    He got arrested, didn’t he?

  19. Sexpert says:

    Ok what’s really occuring here at the fat titty blog? Niklas?

  20. ac3boy says:

    I heard he was getting the sex change reversed.

  21. t murph says:

    I think this happened last year at this time. Must be some Canadian holiday we don’t know about. I for one promise to be patient.

  22. Al_Anon says:

    No Canadian holiday right now. Hasn’t been one for a while, and there isn’t another until Christmas

  23. Eric says:

    He’s Canadian? I thought he was from England with all the British chicks he posts.

  24. Greg says:

    He better be dead, that’s all I’m saying! Lol well I hope not I need my boob stories, but I’m going to be al like grrrrrr when he gets back.

  25. Lymington says:

    yooooo niklas wat u doing braaaaaah

  26. Dave says:

    Someone is still here, our posts are being approved ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Niklas says:


    Sorry for the delay, there.

    Yes, I am experiencing a slightly different issue to the one I experienced last year. This time, it’s not gender re-assignment. (I can’t afford it for one…)

    The current issue, and this is not only to satisfy myself, as I’ve also had a few messages now come in from people wanting to see more of a Thai theme (ok, in particular, chicks with dicks) – so this is something I am looking into.

    And I’m wondering does it fit under the scope of Boobie Blog or do I need to go to trouble (and expense) of setting up a new domain, etc.

    I’m not wanting to make any rash decisions, so please bear with me for another day or so.

    Thanks for your understanding,

  28. Michael says:

    Oh God, please don’t do that!!! I know I am not the only one that does NOT want to see that….this is for FEMALE boobies. In my opinion.

  29. The Question says:

    Please no Thai stuff ๐Ÿ™

  30. guyladuche says:

    Nick, you have a great site already. No need to pander to a few, when you have many current happy visitors. There are plenty of “other” sites to visit for odd fetishes…keep up the great work!!!!

  31. please no says:

    Seeing dicks on here would be horrible

  32. Marleys Ghost (But Not That Marley) says:

    My two cents:

    This is the best site in the world, and is as perfect as it is.


  33. Sparky says:

    I’m betting that wasn’t the real Niklas.

  34. boobman says:

    one pic of chicks with dicks and im fkn outta here, i dont care if nik follows up with a video of wendy 4 getting analized by rocco i aint coming back!!

  35. D says:

    Boobsjournal was up for sale right before it went down, maybe Nik bought it and is merging the content? Wishful thinking, I know. I always thought Boobieblog was the superior site, but there are aspects of boobsjournal that I thought could be incorporated, like the daily random boobs posts.

  36. Al_Anon says:

    Or maybe this finally was the real Niklas & we’ve been dealing with an imposter the rest of the time?

  37. blah says:

    no dicks bro

  38. Will says:

    Niklas, this is hands down the best site for boobies and everything involving them. Please don’t change it.

  39. Oh Lawdy says:

    This has to be a troll again.

  40. Shaddap says:

    I hope that’s just a joke or a troll. I won’t be coming back to look at cock. Just because a femboy has some hormone injections and silicon implants doesn’t mean you’re looking at anything other than a naked cock.
    If that’s what you like, go enjoy it, but I like big, soft natural boobs…little asian faggots don’t have those.

    Please no.

  41. I just ejacilated EVERYWHERE! says:

    Niklas isn’t allowed a holiday?

  42. MILF CRUIZER says:


  43. Niklas says:

    OK, guys, thanks for the input. I’ve definitely taken it into account.

    Probably, I’ll just do a short trial of it. Maybe less than a week, just to see what people think and to see how many come round to the idea.

    I’ll keep such alternative content minimal.

    As many of you will appreciate, Boobie Blog has no option but to move with the times, and I think what some of you guys have to remember is that BB relies 100% on advertiser revenue and affiliate schemes. BB can only remain competitive by staying at the forefront.

    Anyway, like I say, we’ll just see how it goes for a couple of days. Hold tight!…

  44. boobman says:

    moving with the times is one thing, alienating your customer base is another and if you add naked she-males, chicks with dicks, call it what you want you will lose a lot of interest in what is a fantastic website with a decent fan base. no one wants to pay for this shit so the webmaster has to fund it somehow, this we get but listen to your fanbase and tailor adverts to their needs, ie large breasted LADIES not men.
    your website end of day but what is better, having a steady fan base and income or having no fan base and no income?

  45. Niklas says:

    First CWD post is ready, but let’s just take a quick straw poll first as this should be more about you guys than anything else…

    All in favor, say “dicks”.
    All against, say “chicks”.

  46. Michael says:


  47. zebouffon says:


  48. Steve says:

    dicks (sorry!)

  49. rog79 says:


  50. dragonrunnr says:


  51. Beef says:

    Dicks I don’t give a F if he has to do this to keep the site running I’m down just put ur thumb over the cock if ur intimidated

  52. Boris says:

    NO CWD, Niklas.

  53. FredMc says:

    Troll win

  54. boobman says:


  55. t murph says:

    he is playing with us. If it is a separate site who cares!

  56. dood says:

    We will patiently wait for more Tessa Fowler and Stacey Poole posts.

  57. earlvegas says:

    It’s been pretty obvious that over the years that there’s always been a few ghey trolls hanging out in the comments section, but I’m still a bit amazed that a couple of them outed themselves so easily.

  58. Lance burton says:

    Chicks. If you want to post trannies, then do it. Dont think for a second you can blame us for your retarded decisions.

  59. Sol says:

    Dicks. Make sure they have purdy faces

  60. Dave says:

    Chicks. Post dicks and I’m gone.

  61. Dave says:


    I agree with the other non faggots, one dick on here and your site bookmark gets deleted.

  62. Biff says:

    I just want to point out that some of the visitors to this website probably have man-boobs and a penis…coincidence? I think not.

  63. Sparky says:

    I still say Niklas got hacked again, and this is all one big troll.

  64. t murph says:

    Where is the like button Sparky!

  65. Corey says:

    Chicks! Like Dave said, if dick then site gets unbookmarked. I dont mind if there is dick in the ads, i dont bother looking at those anyway. But if there is dick as some of the entries….im gone.

  66. HAXIS says:

    Chicks. What part of the name “Boobie Blog” gives you a remit in CWD?

    Know your market. Porn is a world of niches. This site’s niche is boobies; CWD is another niche entirely, and you should set up another site in your network, Niklas, if you want to provide for that audience.

    You say you rely on advertising revenue, but fail to realise that the people asking for CWD posts are visiting the site anyway, in order to contact and request it in the first place. Don’t alienate everyone else.

  67. guyladuche says:


  68. Hockerthot says:

    I am with Dave!

  69. Marleys Ghost (But Not That Marley) says:

    Chicks, all day.

  70. Niklas says:

    Ok, that looks like about 80% chicks to 20% dicks. That doesn’t quite reflect the earlier requests I’d had, but, no worries, that’s fine.

    Problem now is I’ve spent all day preparing the first CWD post. What to do?

    A. Scrap it,
    B. Post it so it’s not a waste of time,
    C. Just post it and see what people actually make of it.

  71. Sparky says:

    D. Fuck off and bring back the real Niklas.

  72. Niklas says:

    Sparky, A few manners wouldn’t go amiss. You’re entitled to make your point – but not like that. Chill man.

  73. Niklas says:

    I don’t know how you’ve been visiting BB (and thank you for doing so, by the way – genuinely), but many will vouch that I’ve always tried to involve you guys with major decision-making. This means that whilst my ideas (admittedly) are sometimes not the best, the way forward that we determine together invariably is the best way – that’s one thing that’s make BB so unique. So let’s not fall out or get upset over this particular topic. Let’s just discuss what’s best for BB.

  74. Sparky says:

    If you’re really Niklas, I appologize, sincerely. Regardless of how misguided I think this current proposition is, I love this site, and have been visiting it for what must be years now. If you’re some hacker troll, however, the order to fuck off still stands.

  75. teebeezey says:

    Nik, i’ve read the site for almost 3 years and yes, you have included the readers in decision making; even so, I haven’t seen any mention of CWD in any post or any comment prior to this. Not one. So, let’s talk about what’s best for BB. As HAXIS pointed out, posting CWD would alienate a high percentage of your current readers. The fact that you seriously considered doing so (assuming A. this really is you and not a troll and B. that your comments were serious and not a big joke) makes me question your judgment to the point of considering not coming back. I understand trying to accommodate your readers’ requests and desires but damn, did you not consider that many if not most of those requests were in probably trolling? Was sparky rude? Yeah, but he has a point. If you’re into the CWD niche maybe start a different site or keep that shit to yourself man.

  76. Bimbo Venus says:

    I say post it. You’ve already got it ready, and meh, whatevs. I’m pretty chill about these things!

    Hope to see more new updates soon, since it’s been about a week. Really missing the BB goodness you’ve got here!

    *big hugs!*

  77. Lance burton says:

    Maybe folks should just stop visiting BB in protest to the thought of making it gay perv mecca. If this all about ad revenue then NO visitors would really end your quandary Nik.

  78. Al_Anon says:

    Before I vote, I have a question for Nik:

    How big are the boobs on the CWD you intend on posting?

  79. Niklas says:

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that some dicks would be a nice compliment to the chick posts. Keeps things fresh.

  80. Los says:

    I’ve been coming to this site for almost five years, but the first CWD I see and I’m out. I’m amazed it’s even being considered.

  81. Sparky says:

    You trolling motherfucker.

  82. Lance burton says:

    Do it or dont do it, but quit being douchebag about it. Just dont expect the traffic you think you are going to get.

  83. Niklas says:

    Here’s a top tip Boobie Blog lovers; if you use the right values for in the reply form below your reply will look like it came from Boobie Blog’s illustrious admin. Avatar and everything. You’ll also be able to get people to contribute to a fake poll about chicks and dicks.

  84. Biff says:

    Hahahahahahah classic…so when is this site transition happening?

    No, but seriously, what happened to Niklas?

  85. stewart says:

    hilarious. still though, how ARE the post getting approved? i’m voting chicks in case the last post from niklas was the troll and the rest were real.

  86. FredMc says:

    As I said above, Troll Win Lmfao

    Nice wok

  87. Dave says:

    I don’t use this word often, but to troll Niklas. You sir are a CUNT.

  88. Biff says:

    So…is this site officially dead? RIP Boobieblog.com 200?-2012

  89. Niklas says:

    I have decided…..no dicks, just boobies soft, natural or fake for now!

  90. Niklas says:

    I’m Brian and so is my wife!

  91. Niklas says:

    I’m Niklas, not you mofo…

  92. Bob says:

    Chicks, I looooovveee boobs ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Niklas says:

    Haha whoever set it to do this is really dumb

  94. Niklas says:


    I know it may appear that I am just a faceless avatar that constantly presents you with wonderful boobs, but there is a real life that I sometimes have to attend to, and that has taken me away from the site briefly. I will return shortly.

    Clearly there have been some issue with the website/comments section in my absence. I want to make a couple of clarifications:

    1. There will be no changes to the website (especially CWD or anything not related to breasts)
    2. There have been people posting in my name on the comments, which is something I am looking into now. NOTE: This will be the last comment made by me until the site is up and running again (which should be soon), anyone else is an imposter, especially if they are talking about unusual changes to the website or to my anatomy.
    3. In my absence, which I hope will end very soon, please go back and enjoy the archives. While many of you have see everything BB has offer, you may have forgotten some of them, and may enjoy a visit from the Ghost of Boobies Past.

    Thanks for your patience,

  95. Niklas says:

    This is real Niklas….it will be boobies and dicks from now on…

  96. Brian Pine says:

    No chicks with dicks please Niklas. Love the site just how it is!

  97. Budd says:

    Guys if its the real Niklas then his name appears in black. If its fake Niklas it’s red. This was the same thing as last year. If we aren’t so focused on the boobs maybe we could notice that. Now excuse me while I go look at more boobs.

  98. Niklas says:

    Now I’m the king of the swingers
    Oh, the jungle VIP
    I’ve reached the top and had to stop
    And that’s what botherin’ me
    I wanna be a man, mancub
    And stroll right into town
    And be just like the other men
    I’m tired of monkeyin’ around!

    Oh, oobee doo
    I wanna be like you
    I wanna walk like you
    Talk like you, too
    You’ll see it’s true
    An ape like me
    Can learn to be humen too

    ( Gee, cousin Louie
    You’re doin’ real good

    Now here’s your part of the deal, cuz
    Lay the secret on me of man’s red fire

    But I don’t know how to make fire )

    Now don’t try to kid me, mancub
    I made a deal with you
    What I desire is man’s red fire
    To make my dream come true
    Give me the secret, mancub
    Clue me what to do
    Give me the power of man’s red flower
    So I can be like you

    I wanna be like you
    I wanna talk like you
    Walk like you, too
    You’ll see it’s true
    Someone like me
    Can learn to be
    Like someone like me
    Can learn to be
    Like someone like you
    Can learn to be
    Like someone like me!

  99. Thomas says:

    I think the troll deserves a night with Lucy Pinder as a reward – some excellent trolling on your part, sir.

    Niklas I believe you need to tighten the security of your WordPress a bit more if it’s that easy to hijack your account. Hope you’ll get this show back on the road soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Niklas says:

    I am Spartacus!

  101. GEORGIA97 says:

    So, does that mean no CWD? Sonofabitch. How about instead some cute little Mexican midgets? I’m just sayin’….

  102. Niklas says:

    Finally back. Sorry for the lack of posts for the last few days, it’s a long story…

    Normal service will be resumed Monday.


  103. Boris says:

    stupid kids.

  104. Shaddap says:

    Yeah, I remember when I didn’t have anything better to do…those were the days, but then I had to grow up and go to high school.

  105. Manolo says:

    What the fuck is juice nigga I want some of that grape drink

  106. Niklas says:

    First post with dicks in under an hour….! Please comment on it!

  107. FredMc says:

    Fake Nicklas has a red name, real,Nicklas has a black name.

  108. Niklas says:

    I like bicycles.

  109. Niklas says:

    FredMc you sir are a fucking retard

  110. Hovi Baby says:

    can a nigga still vote for mo dick?

  111. Niklas says:

    Haha. Awesome.

  112. Lance burton says:

    How about a legitmate update to the blog or shut the thing down you lazy fuck? This place has lapses like an alzheimers patient posting pictures of her cat.

  113. niklas says:

    im niklas

  114. Joe says:

    This was hilarious

  115. FredMc says:

    Lmao I mega-failed

  116. Niklas says:

    There will be NO dicks posted. Even though this was a fun read and someone impersonating me is making me blush the next person who does it will have their IP banned from commenting to avoid confusion.

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