Stephanie Barnes Wore the Kim Kardashian Dress Out in Public!

Remember the boob-tastic dress Kim Kardashian wore last week? How could we forget. Curvy redhead Stephanie Barnes decided to use scissors to re-create it and hit the streets of London to see if a normal woman doing normal things could pull off the look!

Considering Barnes is quite curvy with a 32F bust, she caused quite a stir among locals and tourists.

I have natural 32F boobs and love Kim’s fashion sense but normally I’d NEVER go out with them displayed like this. It’s the equivalent of going out in a tiny bikini. There’s absolutely no support so something as simple as walking down the street was tricky. I was scared to laugh, cough or get the hiccups for fear of a nip-slip and running for a bus was an absolute no-no too.”

“When I started going about my daily business people just stared, but I kept telling myself ‘they’re just boobs’ and that I’m entitled to wear what I want. It was only 12 degrees so I got cold quickly too, and that left even less to the imagination! First, I headed to the supermarket to grab some fruit and nearly everyone did a double take at my melons as I picked apples.”

“It was embarrassing – why Kim would put herself in this position in the first place baffles me. The reaction I got from women was much the same – stares, gasps, double takes – but they knew it was the ‘Kim Kardashian’ dress and said, ‘Wow, you look amazing,’ which made me feel a bit more comfortable.” Source

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8 comments on “Stephanie Barnes Wore the Kim Kardashian Dress Out in Public!”

  1. mikeroyne says:

    much better than that plastic, past her expiration date pig kim

  2. miko says:

    The pics are cool, I guess. Your fascination with celebrity culture and some of the worst, most evil people on the planet is quite disturbing…

    “Remember Kim Kardashians dress last week? How could we forget?”…Uh, no…I don’t, dude. I spend my days doing my personal very best to make her go away by denying and denouncing and utterly ignoring anything this beastly woman ever does. Not remembering anything she ever does like some reality tv watching female ninny who actually thinks she’s cool and or interesting in any way. I think people like her have more power over society than the president does and therefore, I put more consideration into WHO WE LET be in those position than I do the President of the United States. THEREFORE, forgive me if I think your a putz for supporting this kind of leadership. She is not the type we need leading the entertainment industry….

    I liked women better when they were truly sexy…like the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s….

    You know, when women were normal and reality tv and the internet hadn’t yet ruined them yet…ruined EVERYTHING yet…

    1. Deewok says:

      Cheer up ya nugget FFS.
      she should sit oan ma coupon

    2. Niklas says:

      Sounds like you’ve put way more thought into Kim Kardashian than I have.

      I just like her tits.

      1. miko says:

        Really? That’s what it sounded like? Not that I care about who gets there name thrown around because, believe it or not, they make money that way…By allowing her to exist in name and culture, you allow her to make more money. So you support her…

        I care about humanity. And making ugly, harmful personalities go away and stop influencing people. You clearly don’t get how influence works, or you don’t care that she has way to much. Either way…

        So no, it doesn’t “Sound like” i put more thought into someone like that than you…I put more thought into who I support, than you…

    3. jume4 says:

      Great comment!

  3. Deewok says:

    PS shoes dont go with the dress

  4. Well a girl’s gotta shop right?

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