Stacked Babe

Wow, check out the knockers on this chick. I really want to know where this pic was taken because at first I thought the tower in the background is the CN Tower here in Toronto. It looks kind of small though so if someone could shed some light it’d be great 🙂

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43 comments on “Stacked Babe”

  1. Anonymous says:

    it is the cn tower if u type it in google and look at a far away pic of it. it looks the same

  2. Danny D says:

    It is in fact the CN Tower. This chick is from Canada doing it
    big in the chest!

  3. bog standard says:

    top heavy chick

  4. pokey says:

    You have to find out who this chick is awsome

  5. Silent J says:

    If it isn’t The CN Tower, it could be the Calgary tower. It looks pretty similar, just smaller.

  6. WARSKILZ says:

    I live beside the CN tower AND THATS THE CN TOWER!!!

  7. soladiel says:

    Looks to be the state fair grounds in Minnesota

  8. Mapleman says:

    That is the CN Tower in the background. The girl is walking through the Canadian National Exhibition.
    It is held every August in Toronto.

  9. Jonathan Cortez says:

    Holy fuck this chick looks like she’s striaght out of a comic book or anime porn! How do you get your stomach so tight while your tits are so humungous?

  10. bo says:

    CN Tower yes, but this is so much better to look at, must find out more about her

  11. jc says:

    Dude that’s SAn Diegos CA Sea World!!!

  12. kf says:

    Houston Texas the needle is at Astroworld the stadium in the foreground just below the needle is Reliant Stadium

  13. Anonymous says:

    ya that is the cn tower im looking at the cn tower right now.

  14. Booby Kennedy says:

    Yeesh you guy wanna discuss landmarks when this chick’s staring you double barrel in the face. Talk about boobs!
    And I think this photo’s a morph. Anybody else know one way or the other whether it’s a fake or not?

  15. dude says:

    Man, she has some huge mammaries..

  16. Anonymous says:

    she cannot be real

  17. Maz T says:

    Sorry folks, seen this one before – she’s a morph.

  18. Booby Kennedy says:

    That’s’ what I thought.

  19. Booby Kennedy says:

    I’d be curious to see the original before the morph.

  20. Chuck says:

    Are you trolling my blog looking for hooters again? 🙂

  21. bill says:

    i think i have some pics of this girl nekkid and if it is a morph, someone did A really fine job

  22. Mister Tricksta says:

    It also could be New Zealand

  23. Dan says:

    isn’t her name Anekee

  24. I Dont Care says:

    Who gives a wild fuck where this shitty tower is! This top heavy bitch has me beating my dick like it owes me money!

  25. me says:

    you are all a bunch of idiots. that is the CN tower. retards

  26. Darcey says:

    Tits this size just look stupid.

    WHY WHY WHY do girls do this to themselves???

  27. Toronto Fred says:

    Mapleman is right. The CNE for sure…

    That is the CN Tower in the background. The girl is walking through the Canadian National Exhibition.

  28. Drake says:

    Damn that is so hot!!!

  29. That Guy says:

    The picture was taken at Ontario Place. The bluish green glass is the walkway next to the Atlantis Night Club. It is the CN Tower (not New Zealand). The chick is very hot but is she really that stacked or is that a photo enhancement?

  30. Evil says:

    The CN tower just looks small because its in the distance you fucking retard

  31. Josh says:

    There’s a tower in the background?

  32. Pat says:

    It’s at cedar point in Ohio.

  33. Bubbles says:

    The big boob babe is in Stuttgart, Germany

  34. Dumb fucks says:

    Ok, for all you idiots, this is in ontario canada, it is at the Canadian National Exibition, or the EX for short. the tower IS the CN tower and the building the exibition place.

  35. AAA says:

    Idiot it is the CN TOWER NOOB

  36. George says:

    That is the CN Tower. Also it looks as if she is at the Canadian National Exibition
    that is held between Aug 17th to labour day in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  37. Jess says:

    I went to highschool with that girl.. she lives in Oakville (so yes, that would definitely be her walking through toronto) and that picture is DEFINITELY photoshopped

  38. Rrey1 says:

    Pic is a photoshop. Somebody used the liquify filter to both increase her hips and boobs, while shrinking her waist. If you look at the pixels of the background close to her, you can see the distortion. Thet should have used the freeze tool or masked out the background to prevent this. Amateur photoshop, but enjoy anyway. By the way se had to be hot to begin with, so don’t let it spoil ur fun.

  39. Astroworld says:
    No expense was spared in the design of AstroWorld a

  40. ya…that’s taken at the exhibition centre in toronto. that is infact the cn tower. but who the fuck is looking at that?

  41. Jasper says:

    Do some one have more pictures of this girl.?

  42. JJ says:

    This gal has done two nude photosets, one starting in a red bikini and one in a white bikini. She’s actually pretty big breasted, but this pic has about doubled her actual size. She has a rare natural figure, curvy but slim.

  43. jim says:

    I saw her in person at the Ex the day this pic was taken. the pic is not photoshopped

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