Stacey Dash In Playboy

I almost forgot about this. Stacey Dash who is mostly famous for being the cute black girl in the movie Clueless is posing nude in the august issue of Playboy. I got a hold of the pictures and even though she isn’t very busty she is still real hot in my opinion. Ive already put up the photos on Booty Source and being the lazy guy that I am, I wont re-post them here. Instead I will provide a link 🙂


4 comments on “Stacey Dash In Playboy”

  1. boobstew says:

    definitely hot, well worth a look. or two, or 3

  2. AlfaMale26 says:

    Stacy Dash is a fine-looking woman, especially at the
    age of 40!

  3. boobstew says:

    wow, she’s 40? that’s about the foxiest forty i’ve seen!

  4. haltheman_nh says:

    i’ve always luv’ed her. great nips!!
    beautiful ass too!


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