Shyla Stylez Naked Next to a Bear!

Not much going on here. It’s just busty hunter Shyla Stylez getting naked next to a FUCKING BEAR!! I don’t care how well trained or docile this bear is, this makes Shyla the most badass adult model of all time and if you disagree, I dare you to swing your dick next to a bears face the next time you go to the Zoo.

Pictures from: Bare Maidens

Busty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla Stylez

Bare Maidens is all about swords, magic and bare boobs!

Busty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla StylezBusty hunter Shyla Stylez

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14 comments on “Shyla Stylez Naked Next to a Bear!”

  1. gunner says:

    holy sweet shit

  2. Theoderich says:

    Normally i’m not that into those stereotypical blonde porn sluts with massive fake melons. I perfer the natural look but there is something about Shyla that really stands out. Hot stuff.

  3. dood says:

    This time I can forgive the fake titties because bears are fricken cool.

  4. Beefaroni says:

    One thing I’ve always loved about her, is she can take a good ass pounding

  5. Joe says:

    The number one threat to America… bears! Endangering our hot blondes, can no-one stop these godless killing machines?!?

  6. Lance burton says:

    So she has stooped to doing bear porn. for shame ­čÖü

  7. slupper says:

    I don’t know why, but somehow that’s hot.

  8. nothingmore says:

    Well if there’s one thing you can be damned sure of, it’s that she wasn’t menstruating during this photo shoot.

  9. Papoace says:

    Awesome pics

  10. Gilleban says:

    Looks like Bare Maidens just re-used production stills from Whorecraft Season 1, episode 4. Do have to say though that her tits are about four times the size that outfit was designed to hold (made by Sword and the Stone of Burbank, CA).

  11. Chuckles says:

    This looks photoshopped/shot-in-front-of-a-bluescreen as all hell

  12. Claimbo says:

    Obviously photoshopped. Shyla has no tattoos in these. Her wrist ones did come later but she has always had one on her lower groin.

  13. Stevie says:

    Shyla, The hottest girl in all da fooking land.

  14. Awesome including the bear with this fantasy heroine type set. But that last one, with her down on all fours and looking back at the bear is pretty silly. Is it bear style instead of doggy style?

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