7 comments on “Sexy Siesta with Bridgette B and Darcie Dolce!

  1. BeerMan says:

    I like the brunette.

  2. mds_Z71 says:

    Me too.

    1. Deewok says:

      You two are just perverts imo…🤔😳🧐😬😝👍

  3. Don P says:

    2 out of 3 perverts prefer naturals over fake…….wait, forgot to include me. O.K.- 3 out of 4, naturals win again!

    1. mikeroyne says:

      sure her titties are natural, but they are also a pair of hangers. Bridgette has the typical, terrible basketball porn implants which also suck
      that said, both are still perfectly fuckable though hardly special

  4. Mr hung says:

    If i can’t wrap them round my dick then they’re not big enough. Bridgette for me all the way! Big tits real or fake. Ya’ll can have the brunette, I’ll gladly take the bigger, fuckable tits any day!

  5. Mr hung says:

    And for good fake tits and bad fake tits, they’re bad for me when they don’t hang, usually happens when they go too big too quick or have no tits to start off with. Bridgettes tits are decent, They bounce, move about well, lovely tits.

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