Selena Gomez Deleted Huge Boob Cleavage Selfies!

Selena Gomez posted and deleted these pictures of her huge tit cleavage from Instagram! Maybe deleted because there is a hint of areola in the first one?

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Selena Gomez deleted boobs pictureSelena Gomez deleted boobs picture

For a fun comparison. Here’s what Selena Gomez’s boobs looked like in a bikini back in 2011. Quite the growth!

Selena Gomez bikini boobs

12 comments on “Selena Gomez Deleted Huge Boob Cleavage Selfies!”

  1. Scooter says:

    I think it’s from steroids, no? they’ve caused her to gain a little weight. however, she’s gained it in all the right places

    1. Me says:

      She’s gained quite a lot of weight, actually. I wouldn’t say she’s fat, but she’s definitely a whole lot more woman all the way around than she was when the “before” pic was taken (which was 13 years ago, to put it in perspective).

  2. Joe says:

    she never was attractive, she’s always been ugly. you stupid fucks you think she’s anything but ugly and hideous are fucking retarded

    1. vemmax95 says:

      I’m sorry you have to go through life such a hateful, unpleasant person.

  3. FireK says:

    She’s turned into quite busty beauty

    1. KingKokos says:

      Busty yes, beauty not even close. Looks like a fatty and to be honest she’s never been more then average looking!

      1. theactualtruth says:

        She’s sexy as fuck now and as always been very beautiful. What world do you live in? Who cares about her weight when most of it is in her awesome tits and her figure isn’t out of proportion. I’m sure you’re pretty fucking hefty yourself if I had to guess, but instead of being a chick with a banging rack you’re just a guy with hairy tits.

  4. Dr.Kiba009 says:

    It’s not steroids, its Prednisone wich is a corticosteroid. It makes you store more water in your body, hence the boob growth.

    1. Smooth says:

      Corticosteroid IS a type of steroid… Damn, 🙄 it’s right in the name!!

  5. thetruth says:

    A 200 pounds man is fat but she is hot? ok simps….

    1. mikeroyne says:

      anytime someone uses “simp” unironically, they are always a tiny, fragile pissbaby. this is a titty site, i don’t know what 200lb men have to do with anything

    2. theactualtruth says:

      Yeah because fat guys are potato looking pigs. The fat doesn’t add any value, it just lessens your appearance. At least bigger chicks have tits and ass to look at and touch. Most of us straight guys like that. Idk about you and this place isn’t about discussing men’s physiques anyway. What an irrelevant, goofy comment.

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