5 comments on “Rion Leaves Her Kimono on the Floor!”

  1. Bradford says:

    She is incredible. In my all-time top five. What a body, and very pretty to go along with that.

  2. Frank Johnson says:

    What he said ^^^^

  3. mw says:

    She used to be incredible. Pure sexual beauty. But now…look at her face, she looks tired all the time, and her face changed (age? operations?). Her boobs comparing to her body are not like they used to be.
    Still a beauty, but unfortunately getting worse 🙁

  4. Wendel says:

    A beautiful woman, but no strong screen presence. She just walks through her videos.

  5. Bradford says:

    MW- that’s standard aging. There’s a reason models don’t have long careers. She’s still fit AF.

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