13 comments on “Raylene Strips”

  1. Judgish says:

    Jeezus, where have you been hiding this chick, Niklas 😉 Gotta love a six-minute strip tease where the enormous rack is exposed within 50 seconds. Nearly flawless tits … they remind me of Diora Baird. Well done my friend.

  2. chad harrod says:

    What is her full name so I can google search her? It doesn’t get much better than that. You could put on the boobie contest too.

  3. pumpkinP says:

    Hey boys, the full name of this beautiful czech girl is Zuzana Drabinova, but often uses web allias Raylene Richards 😉

  4. Mynameisnictoo says:

    *Speechless* (You know you are too.)

  5. Edward says:

    The world is wonderful, I just decided. It has to be. She’s in it. Gawwwwwd that’s impressive. Perfect woman.

  6. stoopid says:

    this site is terrible..

  7. Edward says:

    Actually, stoopid, you’re right. Ever since the bandwidth problems, it takes forever for this site to load. Sorry, Niklas, it’s not worth waiting a full minute for a picture of a topless girl to show up. Maybe time to start looking at different web hosts for your site. I’ve got high speed internet, and it takes forever for the pictures to show up.

  8. anonymous coward says:

    @Edward: now we see why most sites charge for pictures!

  9. Mac_the_Vikar says:

    This chick’s a killer! Mate “More” is what it screams!!

  10. razia says:

    hi..even i was always loyal to this sire but now its killed my patience!
    even forever seems to be sooner than the time this takes.also niklas,big guy,why arent you updating it?it just seem to have lost all the spice it had.its not the happening website anymore!VERY DISAPPOINTING

  11. kingkong says:

    um, does anyone know the name of the song!?

  12. ClubMaster says:

    That was an ugly dress. Good thing it comes off. Otherwise very nice video! 🙂

  13. Niklas says:

    if you guys think it takes long to view the pics you should try setting up an update.. lol..
    its being moved to a new and faster server. Once it loads fast again updates will resume.

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