Raylene Strip Outdoors

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15 comments on “Raylene Strip Outdoors”

  1. stoopid says:

    soooo you’re not going to update the other sites. and you’ll probably make up some stupid reason like you ran over a cat and that caused the servers to go down. niklas, im pleading you to turn the sites over to someone who will update them everyday like you’re supposed to.

  2. Niklas says:

    Im glad you enjoy the sites and Im sorry if you get dissapointed when they dont update. The sites are all free so I dont really have to come up with an excuse for lack of updates.

  3. martin says:

    niklas you’r so right. everybody should be glad that this site exists at all. seems that stoopid realy stands for his name 😉

  4. THE BIG TIT KING says:

    Keep up the good work Niklas, I know I appreciate it, check the BB everyday man. Love it.

  5. Dr. Lizardo says:

    You guys can’t expect someone who names *himself* “stoopid” to grasp that logic on the first try. Thou shalt not take the boob-gift for granted.

  6. jugdish says:

    You gotta be a goddam idiot if you are treated to a video of a sublime rack like that and your only comment is that this free site isn’t updated every 10 minutes. Stoopid is as stoopid says.

  7. Russ says:

    thanks for the tits niklas

  8. Master Orion says:

    I don’t think I even need to add to this, except to say that I can only pray that idiots like that don’t ever get to ya nik!! Top site, BB 4eva!

  9. Niklas says:

    Thanks guys. Dont worry, there are way more positive response than negative. Thats why the site’s been online for so long 🙂

  10. kellen says:

    I’ll take Raylene’s tits over the winner of Lucy/Keeley any day.

  11. Nigel says:

    Niklas you rock, ignore stoopid! I’ve been visiting this site for years now and I’ve never had a bad word to say about it – your content, regularity and general awesome boobness make this site one of my favourites on the web!

  12. Nicole says:

    Yeah. Free boobies are awesome 🙂 I love your site! Stoopid is a jackass.

  13. razia says:

    and i thought all these comments were about the video 🙁

  14. Dave says:

    Great vid but wish she would get her damn pussy out!

    Keep up da good work Niklas bro

  15. Edward says:

    Raylene would be an awesome addition to a boobie battle. What a scorching body. Niklas, you know for every a-hole hater-type there are dozens of people who appreciate what you do. Now, could you maybe focus more on why there aren’t daily updates of Keeley? It’s been more than 10 minutes since you added a gallery of her, and I am in withdrawal…..

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