Pre-Game Show Includes Bare Boobs at French Rugby Match

Wow, they sure know how to do pre-game shows in France. These pictures and video is from a Rugby match between Toulon and Stade Francais and the reason we should care is that one of the girls in the pre-game show got one of her lovely tits out! It doesn’t look like an accident either but part of the show.. NICE!!

French Rugby Girl
French Rugby Girl

Fast forward to about 2:30 to see the girl appear!

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4 comments on “Pre-Game Show Includes Bare Boobs at French Rugby Match”

  1. dragonrunner says:

    Nice tit! That needs to be a tradition before all the ball games here too!

  2. Download says:

    She represents the Archer God ‘Diana’ …… Always 1 boob out and walking with Bow and Arrows.

  3. Download says:

    EDIT Godess of the Hunt …
    Many samples can be found using Google.

  4. swigg says:

    Wardrobe Malfunction (part 2)?

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