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  1. jaja says:


  2. lonely boyfriend says:

    My girlfriend is at university in California and I only see her on holidays. I’m a truck driver. Were a weird couple – shes slim and hot I’m fat and not hot. My treat on a Saturday nite is a bucket of chicken wings and a wank over some pictures of my girlfriend Nicole who is 19 to my 37. However one nite I wanked over this bitch here and I leaked cum all over the floor. It was soo messy. Nicole came home as a surprise that weekend and she so knew what I’d been doing. I thot I wasn’t going to get to fuck her but I did hell Id have prob raped her if she’d said no. I’m a horny bastard. I’d wank over Sarah again. She’s beautiful.

  3. dirty old man says:

    I’d fuck her. and I have access to sex regularly. I’m overweight and ugly and I’m 20 years older than my 18 yr old hot girlfriend. I wanked hard over this picture.

  4. Alison says:

    Dirty old cunt

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