14 comments on “Playboy Babe Jessica Linn”

  1. boobstew says:

    and full-frontal boobity! we like it

  2. Caesar says:

    Why?? What is so special about it?

  3. ??? says:

    god damn shit like this is y im not gay

  4. Caesar says:

    Seriously, I don’t see anything special about her pussy… Anyone bother to explain it to me?

  5. Niklas - Owner says:

    nah, not in the mood to give explanations today

  6. boobstew says:

    um.. jessica has a nice shave.. the little mustache (im not sure what it’s called) is a great look.. of course, if all women did that it might get monotonous

  7. Caesar says:

    … and just that? The craze’s all about the shaving?! Man!

  8. boobstew says:

    well, not JUST that.. pussy shaving and air-brushing on one side, this girl has a lot of other assets that would make her the finest thing in most any room she wlked into

  9. Caesar says:

    I think we’d all agree upon that her look does fit the bill of a playmate stereotype: long blond hair, hourglass body figure, and long meaty legs. Yet, her facial feature just doesn’t appeal too much to me, with her right eye noticeably larger than her left one. (But then of course I won’t mind banging her should opportunity present itself)

    Though if I were Hef, I would prefer Charis Boyle, or Christi Shake.

    Last thing, I thought it’s almost a prerequisite for playmates to shave their pubic areas before their shots?

    (So my question persists: what’s so special about this chick’s pussy??)

  10. boobstew says:

    well, maybe just because it’s there! i think Niklas might have been talking about pic #2, where it all comes together in a lovely Y shape.. but this is boobie blog – the ‘pussy page’ is in another domain! he he

  11. yo says:

    i can see me on her

  12. Cosmic Cyber Monkey says:

    I don;t know what’s more fake; the hair or the boobs !!

  13. frank says:

    She has a nice pussy. I also agree. And nice tits.

  14. frank says:

    I don’t care for her eyes though.

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