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  1. coitus says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    She’s cute, but that’s not a great boob job.

  3. Joe (boobie) Bloggs says:

    Heather is beautiful. give her my e-mail n tell her she can fuck me hard. I’d like to pour cream on her and lick it off, and then my own cream will be burstin out. I want her to give me a blow job. And maybe she can give me a hand job and then scream my name as i give her 15 orgasms in consecutive minutes. And maybe i can lick out her pussy. and after give me a tit wank and cum all over her face until shes satisfied. we will video the hole thing so we can relive our wonderful night of hard sex. can she send me a video of her fingering herself and moaning my name. before we will have a passionate game of strip tennis where game set and match will determine who’s on top. i will make her scream 40 – luv louder than sharapova,
    yours eroticly,
    Joe Bloggs.

  4. freedom says:

    not one of the cutest but the most cutest of them all.although young,she also has a beautiful pairs of breast.yeah,she sure is a hottie one.i hope i can get another update of her.

  5. LadyMan says:

    It’s really great to be Heather’s friend 🙂

    I knew her through college, and I even knew her when she had a 34 B 🙂

    It was kind of surprised that one day she pumped it up to DD, and she’s now famous 🙂

    Only 19 years old, but Heather is a down to earth girl…really amazing.

  6. ruther maglonzo says:

    hi heather,if god will give me one wish,i will wish to be with you even for just one day,i will make you lough,and i will promise that you will never forget the day we were togethere,i love you and more power,god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sean dealer says:

    she is my favorite playboy babe. I would like to do her so much.

  8. Ryan says:

    Comment # 1 is bogus! Her boobs are so perfect! I think they are real. I would like to kiss them and her pussy. My wish is to marry her.

  9. Ryan says:

    I would like to see her in another nude photo shoot as well. SOON PLEASE!!!

  10. Ryan says:

    heather rene is the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

  11. Ryan says:

    That picture of her pouring water on herself is so hot.

  12. Ryan says:

    her hair is so beautifl and her pussy has no hair. I like that.

  13. Ryan says:

    She has such a beautiul smile. She is so beautiful. I like her belly button jewel. I like her hat and skirt.

  14. frank says:

    Real hot babe!

  15. Brad says:

    I would really like her phone number.

  16. Brad says:

    I would like to do her so bad.

  17. Brad says:

    I’d kill for some new pictures of her soon.

  18. Brad says:

    It looks like she is enjoying herself. Having lots of fun being a hot babe that I love and want to marry so bad.

  19. Ryan says:

    I made a mistake in comment # 8. I ment to say comment # 2 is bogus

  20. Nick says:

    Hottest girl I’ve ever seen? Will you marry me? you’re the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen and ever will see.

  21. George says:

    Nice tits to. hairless pussy. Yep, shee is pretty hot!

  22. Brian says:

    Beautiful hair. I’d like to brush it while she was nude and then we would do each other so smoothly.

  23. Brian says:

    Hey person who knows heather how about putting her telphone number on these comments?

  24. Jacob says:

    Last night I dreamed that heather let me do anything to her body that I wanted and I did her, licked her boobs and her pussy and I touched her and each time I did anything she only said to me “ooh, that felt good do something else.” It was the best dream I ever had. PLEASE POST MORE PICTURES OF HEATHER SOON!!! I”M BEGGING YOU!!!

  25. eric says:

    The nicest boobs i’ve ever seen!

  26. eric says:

    Beautiful girl. Nice boobs. nice pussy. Easily the hottest girl i’ve ever seen. That is all i have to say.

  27. heatherfuka says:

    fuk yes baby!!! i luv this girl her big jugs and sexy body gets me horny ll fuk this bitch any day! mama mia!!!!!!

  28. girl man says:

    She is so hot, she makes me feel like spirm is bursting out of me. Get more pictures of her. Thanks for posting.

  29. playboy babe man says:

    She is the hottest girl that I have ever seen and ever wil see.

  30. e says:

    Nice pussy, nice boobs, nice ass, nice body, nice hair, nice face, and nice smile. I like it! She is perfect! She is number 1 on my list anyday!

  31. 9 says:

    That guy that says she’s cute but that’s not a great boob job doesn’t know what he is talking about. Her boobs are perfect along with everyhing else about her.

  32. yer mom says:

    Disgusting silicon boobs on this dumbass bitch.

  33. y says:

    Go to hell yer mom (person who said comment # 32)! She has perfect boobs! She is the hottest girl i’ve ever seen and ever will see!

  34. David says:

    Why don’t I ever meet women like this? I’m the same age as her to.

  35. eric says:

    Hey maker, if you would get the video of this photoshoot and post it on thios site, You would be my hero.

  36. broken hearted says:

    Yeah shes hot, sucks im a virgin but id love to lose it to her

  37. James says:

    Awww she’s making me sooo horny. Her boobs are perfect. I
    wish i can lick her pussy all day while she can suck my
    horny cock!

  38. frank says:

    Hey broken hearted, (person who said comment # 36), isn’t being a virgin your decision? If you don’t want to be, then why are you?

  39. nate says:

    Wow! I think that heaven has lost one of its angels! And I’m not even very religous. She is the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen.

  40. jake says:

    I’d like to eat out with her!

  41. porky pig says:

    Easily the best girl on this site.

  42. nick says:

    she’soooooooo hot. I want to lik the water of her tits

  43. lauren says:


  44. mans says:

    SHe is hot.
    I want to fuck straight in to her lips. They are inviting. Boobs are young,real and soft. They need to be squeezed hard like it should pain her like mad. She has to be subjected to a wild sex. I would like to keep my dick in her cunt all night and want to fuck her all night long like dog so that her pussy tears open and should be sore for a week. That’s the treatment she deserves with her beauty.

  45. S. says:

    hottest girl you’ve ever seen? wtf. she’s cute but… i’ve seen hotter and prettier. you guys really need to get out more!

    and if you can’t see those are implants, i’m sorry but you’re stupid.

  46. enferno says:

    i went to highschool with this girl!

    she’s had a shit load of plastic – face, tits, everything!

  47. beater says:

    I just creamed all over the monitor … she is fucking unbelievable i want to have wild tantric sex until my cock falls off….

  48. remaining nameless says:

    unlike the rest of you guys, id like to get to know her, take her to a nice restaraunt and treat her well. i would get to know her as she is. we wouldnt do get untill shes ready, and if we got married id get her out of nude modeling to have and to hold as my own.

  49. your mom's penis says:

    your all perverts if u want hard sex with a girl this hot u have 2 be a gentleman then when the time is right do what u want

  50. tiger9463 says:

    i would take her out and then ask her 2 have sex with me

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