Pamela Anderson Pokies

Pamela Anderson and her unstopabble boobs has been out in public again. These pics were taken outside Koi restaurant which is some hip place in Los Angeles. Pam tried to cover up her breasts, but her nipples would take none of that and made sure they made an appearance as well.

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson
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4 comments on “Pamela Anderson Pokies”

  1. oodie says:

    i guess iam the only one that find her….. how should i say this; (not cute).
    father time has not been nice to her.

  2. Bob says:

    Still hot, but starting to look her age.

  3. tc says:

    Your done, so turn over will yah. Please fade away.

  4. TomVeil says:

    Yeah she is done. All the surgery, sun and botox has taken its tool. When you look like Nicholson in Batman, you are done.

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