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Intimate Revelations of 3 London Escorts About Their Lives

Make no mistake about it – the services of West London escorts are in record demand. Not just in London, but across the United Kingdom in general. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people continue to view the entire sector with suspicion.

But would this still be the case if they actually took the time to get to know it a little better? Or for that matter, spoke to a handful of escort girls in West London to find out what it’s really like to work as an escort?

To shine at least a little light on the subject, we reached out to three high-end escorts from three different regions in the UK. We posed a series of questions to each of the three girls we contacted – a few highlights of which you’ll find outlined below:

Can you talk us through a typical day in your life?
Bridget, 21, Brighton

A typical day? What’s one of those? Honestly, I can’t think of any day I’ve had in at least the last year or so I’d call typical. Or normal. But that’s exactly how I like it.

I’m totally in charge of my own schedule, so I can take off whichever days I like and do whatever I want with. On a working day, I could be at a business breakfast with a client at 7am, a seaside lunch mid-afternoon and out on the town later on. I could also just be making one or two house-calls, or meeting clients in hotel rooms for an hour or two.

I couldn’t cope with 9-to-5 office work and believe me, I tried. It just wasn’t for me. Some people look down on escorts, but I only do what I do because I love it. Boredom is a foreign concept to me, and I try to look at every day as a new adventure.

An adventure I’ve no way of predicting, but I know will be a lot of fun anyway!

What surprised you most about the job when you first started?
Melany, 22, West London

Without any shadow of doubt, the differences in requests and expectations from one client to the next. I signed with an established escort agency in West London when I started out, so I’ve never been short of work. I get to choose which jobs I take and which clients I’m willing to meet, so I’ve never been too far out of my comfort zone.

Although the ‘variety’ of requests really is something else. Some clients just want to talk, others want to watch. I’ve even had guys who’ve proceeded to dress in women’s clothing, slap a ton of makeup onto their faces and ask me to call them ‘Judy’ or whatever. It’s not my place to judge, but I do sometimes struggle not to laugh out loud!

My whole career to date has been one long sociological revelation about people in general. They’re weirder than you’d ever believe and always full of surprises!

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
Paula, 20, Bristol

That’s easy – set up with decent agency you can trust, rather than going it alone. Originally advertised for clients the old-fashioned way (flyers, cards etc) but I soon found it was a sure-fire way of attracting outright nutters. I ended up in a couple of near-dangerous situations and that’s what motivated me to join up with an agency.

It’s a decision I’ve never regretted. For some reason, I expected agencies to be seedy and self-serving. And the last thing I wanted was a pimp telling me what to do and taking a huge cut of my cash. It wasn’t like that at all. I’m totally my own boss still, but I’ve got the support of a bunch of people who know exactly what they’re doing.

What would you say to those who criticize escort services?
Bridget, 21, Brighton

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Seriously – it’s not fair to judge or accuse escorts of this and that if you’ve never actually been with one. Or spoken to one.

My job makes people happy, makes me a decent amount of money and gives me plenty of time to enjoy my life. It’s 100% safe and 100% my choice. They can criticize all the like, but it’s me that will be laughing when I retire within the next 10 years and never have to work again.

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