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Nicolette Shea Drops a Blue Dress!

This is a pretty straightforward strip of busty Nicolette Shea dropping a blue dress but the title of the scene is Deep Blue Shea which is in obvious play on Deep Blue Sea, and thats all it takes for me to want to post it. Love that stupid movie.

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Here’s what going deep blue Shea looks like:

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Larissa Lima From 90 Day Fiancé LIVE CAM SHOW Tonight!

Reality star Larissa Lima from 90 Day Fiancé recently convinced her boyfriend to pay for a boob-job and according to TMZ, she went from 34A to a 34DD. She will be showing them off tonight at 9pm on CamSoda! I am not familiar with her at all but you caught my attention at 34DD so I will definitely check this out!

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Police Guarding Tits Outside British Parliament!

The Extinction Rebellion did a topless protest outside the British Parliament in central London, and as you can see, police were guarding the tits closely before hauling them off.

Which pair is your favourite? I kind of like “Famine”, “Extinction” and the second “Pandemic”!

Use a Fleshlight while you view the pics.

Topless protestTopless protestTopless protestTopless protestTopless protestTopless protestTopless protestTopless protestTopless protestTopless protest

Sex Toys For Men? They’ll Supercharge Your Sex Life, Too

It’s women, not men, who are generally thought of as having drawers full of sex toys. Yet, one article by Women’s Health Mag found that, amazingly, 66% of all men have at least one sex toy. Whether that’s a simple cock ring, a fleshlight or a set of kinky restraints, men are looking for new and unique ways to stimulate themselves just as much as women are. For the uninhibited man, these sex toys can provide them with gratification – and not just when they’re on their own. No, sex toys can help to seriously spice up intimacy with a partner, giving them a dual use.

A renewed interest

What’s the drive behind this? Arguably, the lockdown from earlier this year. A report by luxury lifestyle mag Forbes found that the sex toy industry had seen one of its biggest ever increases in sales over the first quarter of 2020, with sex toys flying off the shelves. This has undoubtedly given men more room to experiment, and for good reason – there’s so much variety out there today. Men who are bored by cock rings now have a huge range of devices to try out, including male masturbators like fleshlights and prostate massagers, which are starting to become of interest to straight men too as sexual boundaries become less and less important as far as sexuality is concerned.

Breaking down barriers

It’s the functions of these sex toys that help to break down barriers. Many men are still very conservative in the bedroom, and may have a world of pleasure to unlock that they didn’t even know about. Simply being aware of and advertised to when it comes to these more creative devices can help to unlock some of that hidden potential and improve the ambition and desire for fun.

Improving relationships

This improvement in curiosity and general libido is helping to improve relationships. Research published by Psychology Today reported that men who had used sex toys on their partner, male or female, reported better erectile function, orgasm function, sexual desire, and sexual satisfaction. Put simply, having toys as part of your intimate routines will help you to have even better sex. It makes sense, too. If your sex life is boring or you and your partner are used to the same old stuff, introducing something completely new into the bedroom – like a prostate massager or a cock ring – can help straight away with making you more interested in your partner. It will help your brain to associate the bedroom with fun, excitement and experimentation, and perhaps unlock kinks that you never thought you had.

With that in mind, think about getting some new devices in your bedroom. Don’t let women have all the fun with sex toys; reserve some time for yourself, too. Quite apart from being a way for you enjoy solo sexual satisfaction, it could be the ticket to making your intimate life with your partner that much more exciting.

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