Novel About A Fat African Stripper

I was kind of bored last night so I typed up a small story about me fucking a busty and fat african stripper named Rose. Not only is english not my native language but I got horny writing the story so please bare with the grammar or the spelling mistakes I’ve made.

Madame Rose – a fictional novel by Niklas

Two big and soft breasts is moving just a couple of inches from my face. The fat stripper is called madame Rose and she is from africa. She just got up on stage. She leans even closer towards me and her breasts almost fall out of the tiny bikini top she’s wearing. I can feel how my cock gets hard when I look up and her passionate eyes meet mine. “Meet me backstage afterwards” she whispers just before she gets up to continue her dance.

She moves rhytmic to the music while she slowly unties the top of her bikini. It doesnt take long before her big tits are exposed. I cant tear my eyes from them, when she starts to caress her dark nipples. With one of her hands she lifts up one of her tits so she can reach it with her tounge. Her full lips meet the nipple and while she sucks on it she looks straight at me. My dick is now so hard that my pants almost explode. She turns around and I can see that her tiny string almost dissapears between her fat buttocks. She bends over and because her string is so small I can see part of her pussy.

She gets up and turns around again. Suddenly she tears off the last piece of cloth on her body. Her pussy is clean shaved and if possible my dick gets even harder. Her hand moves downwards and when it finds the pussy she starts to play with it, all the while she looks straight at me. I remember what she said before and understand what her eyes mean. I get up to look for the backstage area of the club. When I find a door with the name Rose on it I quickly get in. The room is small but comfortable. All that is there is a bag of clothes, a chair, a mirror and a larger bench. I dont need to wait long.

Suddenly the door opens and madame Rose is standing there naked. I get up a little nervousely and without a word she walks towards me and starts to massage my dick threw my pants. She is shorter than me and I have to duck down to kiss her. Her full lips is soft and I get more and more horny when her tounge meets mine. I start to touch and caress her breasts and they are so big that they dont even fit in my hands. I can feel how her nipples get harder and harder when I play with them. She easily unbuttons my pants and grab my dick thats been hard ever since she walked on stage. While we kiss she slowly starts to jerk me off. She tears her lips away from mine and using her tounge she starts to move downwards. She gets on her knees and when she puts her big lips around my cock Im so horny that I almost cum right then and there.

It feels like I died and came to heaven. She begins by sucking my dick slowly while using her hands to caress my balls. Her mouth moves faster and faster and it takes all my effort not to cum to soon. Just before I cant hold it anymore she stops and with a smile looks up to me while licking her lips. She pushes me backwards so I have to sit down on the bench. With both her hands she place my dick between her gigantic tits. They are soft and covers my entire cock. She starts to move her tits up and down and while I titty fuck her she never once take her eyes off of me. I never want it to stop but after a short while she gets up again. “Fuck me from behind” is all she says while turning around and bending over. I get up and grap her wide hips. Like a heat seeking missile my dick finds her smooth pussy and I start to fuck her.

Her pussy is warm, wet and tight. Again I have to really focus on not having an orgasm too soon. Every time I push into her, tiny waves pulse on her big ass. I grab it with both my hands and while i fuck her harder and harder she moans louder and louder. When Im fucking her as hard as I can I smack her big butt with one of my hands. She likes it and I smack it again and again while my dick slides in and out. Im starting to get sweaty and I slow down while I bend towards her and with one of my hands I grab her tit. I look up and I can see myself fucking madame Rose from africa in the mirror.

We change position and she lies down on the bench with spread legs. Her shaved pussy is irresistable and it doesnt take long before my Im there with my dick again. She moans when I push it in again. While Im fucking her I can see her huge tits bounce back and forth. I almost get hypnotized by looking at them. Faster and faster my dick fucks her pussy. All of a sudden I can feel that Im getting closer and closer to cumming. With a roar I pull my dick out and just when it leaves her warm pussy my cum shoots all over her dark tits…

The end.

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