Niklas Considers Starting A New Blog

So, Ive been thinking about setting up a new blog similar to this one. Im just thinking of what theme to go with. Are there any topics out there that you guys wish there was a “boobie blog” equivalant of? Right now Im mostly thinking of an “asian babes blog” but still not sure.

mail your suggestions to or leave a comment 🙂

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35 comments on “Niklas Considers Starting A New Blog”

  1. blancmange says:

    Anorectic girls blog. Anorectics are hot.

  2. whoopster says:

    You should just twice as much time on this site.

  3. soya says:

    Yeah, I’d def say the asian babes one! Got my vote!

  4. Max says:

    My suggestion: Booty Blog!!

  5. jayo says:

    Lesblog – hot lesbians (real or simulated)

  6. Sonny says:

    LezBlog – What could possibly be hotter? (AsianBlog doesn’t get me going tbh)

  7. joee says:

    Sexy Legs Blog

  8. booty fan says:

    I second the motion to establish a booty blog.

  9. pasti says:

    i would love to see a blog on busty asian ladies. especially porn stars, reason being because it’s so hard to find them around. so i think this would be alot of help for those of us drooling over busty asian chicks. keep up the good work.

  10. gumdrop says:

    shaved beaver blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    whos with me?

  11. matt from toronto says:

    I Love your blog and the asian babes equivalent sounds amazing! (maybe some asians with big boobs??) Keep up the good work

  12. Jordan says:

    Something involving action, comedy, and tits and ass

  13. jason says:

    I would say you need a video only sex blog for real life action – like you tube for the sex world. that would be awsome!!!

  14. Cucking Funt says:

    I want to see a blog devoted to birds with very large areola attached to huge, pendulous tits. No small tits, no medium tits, no freakishly enormous tits. Just nice, big, firm lobes. If they have a dense, expansive patch of pubic hair, so much the better. Think Sylvia MacFarlane, Janet Lupo, Roberta Pedon etc. It should be a mixture of the babes of yesteryear and the best of the current crop, amateur and professional!

    Alternatively, how about a blog devoted entirely to the wondrous Sara Stone. The finest porn star in the world, bar none.

  15. Cucking Funt says:

    Forgot to say, the present site is excellent. Didn’t want to seem ungrateful!

  16. driveby says:

    “Booty blog” is one hot idea…

    Another would be a girls-in-boots blog.
    Long legs, high heels, leather or latex…

  17. driveby says:

    Two more thoughts: girls who are oiled/sweaty and nude, or girls who

    are athletic or in athletic clothing……

  18. Matt says:

    The Asian idea is great, not enough stuff in that area of quality.

  19. saturdaymorningpv says:

    Go with the asian babes for sure.

  20. Japaholic says:

    How about a blog for Asian Porn Stars? :), Maria Ozawa is one hot porn star.

  21. d says:

    if you just do a general porn blog then that’d be cool to, like or something

  22. theFormula says:

    I like natural redheads, but that may be a bit too specialized.
    I have to believe there are plenty of Asian blogs already.
    I prefer something niche and universal at the same time…
    Oiled, Sweaty, and Athletic is a fantastic idea.

  23. Andrew says:

    BOOTY BLOG!!!!! please put a booty blog. big and round juicy booty!!!!

  24. carlos says:

    Booty Blog…no question. There are so many fine asses out there and no good place to see them all together. You can’t have “T” without “A”, that’s all I know!

  25. justin says:

    asian blog i like. =)

  26. Warren says:

    How bout just am amature blog

  27. Yoav says:

    Just stick with the organs..

    It would work..

  28. whipping says:

    A blog with MILF’s would be splendid

  29. Mike says:

    Busty one-legged West Indian midget blog! That’d turn me right on.

  30. Mike says:

    PS, since when are butts and boobs known as organs?

    If I become an organ donor, I do not want my ass or chest to be transplanted onto some ass/chest-deprived weirdo.

  31. Ranchero says:

    Definitely the Asian one!

  32. outlaw says:

    ya asian sounds good but lesbian with big boobs?

  33. Drendar says:

    If you go Asian, please get pics of Akira Lane…

  34. doba78 says:

    here’s a new thought
    girls that are black &white [mixed race]
    or light skin coco girls exotics

  35. cad says:

    cumshot blog cum on faces tits asses whatever

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