New Model Emily Born in a Wet Shirt

New busty girl Emily Born is wearing a wet top for Cosmid and those are some very impressive areolas sitting on some very impressive breasts! She reminds me in many ways of Tessa Fowler except not as hot. Might be a little unfair considering Tessa is on that next level hotness so I’m still excited to see Emily’s titties unleashed to the fullest!

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18 comments on “New Model Emily Born in a Wet Shirt”

  1. Paul says:

    I agree not as hot as tessa but I would still love to empty my balls inside her. Lovely breasts!

  2. Me says:

    Crazy eyes!

  3. ac3boy says:

    She wearing color contacts for sure. Nice tits!

  4. cartonfalcon says:

    Cute! I like how she (doesn’t) show her breasts.

  5. Rexx says:

    She looks like Natalie Dormers slightly chunkier and HUGE breasted sister/cousin

  6. Me says:

    I didn’t mean the color of her eyes is crazy (thought it is weird), but that there’s clearly some cut-off-your-penis-while-you-sleep insanity in them.

  7. trollop says:

    Those are her real eyes. Cosmid probably tweaked the color as they shop their photos.

    Shes hot af. Playboy class. Tessa’s little sister hot. Topless coming!!

    She is a bit neurotic. Deleting/restoring/deleting her mm profile. Wants to model, doesnt want to. Quitter.

  8. trollop says:

    Plus the background matches her eyes. Brings them out.

    They shouldve shopped that zit! She needs to find the squat machine. 50 squats with decent weight a week? And bam those legs go from jelly to helly yea!

  9. trollop says:

    Hotter than tessa.

    I think.

    So does cosmid. Shes ranked higher than tessa.

  10. Emily Born says:

    Hello my haters/fans. Emily Born here. I am not neurotic, nor a quitter. In an act of desperation for money for my family, I did these stupid shoots. I regret it deeply and am trying to remove myself from these sites. Please email me at if you have any advice for me on how to fix this!

  11. John Rippled says:

    The pictures are all over the internet, it might be too late. Perhaps embrace your popularity since a lot of people really like you Emily.

  12. Emily born says:

    I’ve already been taken down from 5 sites. I need people to understand what is happening. I’m not happy at all about my popularity. I’m going through hell

  13. A Fan says:

    Emily, I really hope you’ll reconsider. You already have many fans, I’m just one of them. I hope you realize that you could have the most amazing and lucrative career. You’re the top rated model on Cosmid right now after just being introduced. That’s huge!

    Think of all you could accomplish if you move forward with confidence in your modeling. And I’m not just talking about money, freedom to live where you want, etc. Don’t throw away your career just as it’s about to get started.

    A Fan

  14. Emily born says:

    Well, as it is right now I am not continuing modeling. However, I already did more shoots for cosmid so you all still have that. I’d prefer to keep my clothes on for a career. I wish things were different. Thank you for the kind words. Much love

  15. anonymise says:

    To: A Fan, John Rippled
    You’re selfish. She made a mistake. You could see a million girls online nude, but you’re so selfish that you are trying to convince a girl to go against her beliefs and make her own life worse so you can look at pictures of them on the internet and get temporary pleasure.
    If that’s not sick then I don’t know what is. Sure, she’s attractive, but she doesn’t want to do it. Don’t try to convince her

  16. A Fan says:

    Yes I’m selfish. Have you scrolled up to see her pics? She has a one-in-a-million body and the cutest most gorgeous face. She’s the total package.

    Of course if Emily truly doesn’t want to continue then she shouldn’t. Just hope it is her decision based on her own beliefs and not one forced on her by repressed and judgmental family members. She shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed for tasteful nude modeling, of the type you’d see in Playboy.

    I agree with what Trollop and others wrote above, she’s even hotter than Tessa. That tells you right there the type of career she could have if she wants it.

  17. A Story For Emily says:


    My ex did topless. Nothing else, just topless. We were in the same boat. We needed money. She worried about her image and perception. She was recognized occasionally. But, she felt liberated by it. I agree – this could be a huge launch for you. The key is get what you’re worth if you do it. Don’t do it half-ass.

  18. Frankhank says:

    I just saw her new softcore shoot. Its incredible. Those boobs rocking are unbelivable.

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