12 comments on “Naked Yoga with Lucie Wilde!”

  1. Lance Burton says:

    It’s like some dude bought a “RealDoll”, set it up, and started shooting.

  2. mikeroyne says:

    such a great pair of tits, but she looks like shes got downs syndrome or fetal alcohol syndrome. also, her sex scenes are like visual ambien

  3. Pefr says:

    Nope. Still awful. Will never not be awful.

  4. Theoderich says:

    Poor girl. I guess it’s a trend to hate on her.

    But I have to say she really is overhyped. She shows up with a new scene or photoset on most boobsites pretty much every day.

  5. Johnny says:

    She’s got stunning boobs. But her facial expressions are awful.

  6. answerman says:

    “Remember, grasshopper, to be a vegetable you must act and emote like a vegatable.”

  7. Hairy Houdini says:

    I’d eat it and stuff it, not necessarily in that order.

  8. BeerMan says:

    That 2nd pic is great.

  9. titties4me says:

    I want to fuck her tits 24/7/365

  10. Sean says:

    I’d hit it even though her face ain’t all that great

  11. Lance Burton says:

    This will probably date me but, picture 6 looks like one of the aliens coming out of the ship at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

  12. Tyrandil says:

    It would be pretty hard to have a yoga session with her when having a constant boner.

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