Lucy Pinder’s 2017 Calendar Outtakes!

Oh look! It’s Lucy Pinder! Haven’t seen her in a long time. She’s back with a 2017 calendar and unfortunately it looks like she’s reverted back to being a NON-topless model. All the shots for this is pretty boring, but here are a few of my favorite cleavage shots. I’m really just posting this because looking at her boobs is like getting a visit from an old friend. Nostalgic.

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7 comments on “Lucy Pinder’s 2017 Calendar Outtakes!”

  1. Csynn says:

    Why did she go back to covering them? Don’t think it’s because gravity’s been unkind – if snything they look as firm and nice as 10 years ago. I wonder, and I wait.

  2. Pandesia World says:

    Her cleavage is awesome!

  3. Me says:

    Still one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen. And her boobs look…bigger? Can it be?

  4. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Bitch is trying to be a “respectable” actress and thinks that covering dem tits will make people believe she has some acting skills instead of just huge tits, lol! Lets see how much time her “acting” career lasts…

  5. Mario Ortega says:

    Lucy pinder, my favorite ever.

  6. Joe says:

    With almost all of the “lad’s mags” gone now, she’s doing lingerie and catalogue modelling instead, as well as acting.

  7. GD says:

    She has always been a lady to watch out for..

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