Lucie Wilde is doing Anal Now!

Listen up anal lovers!! Lucie Wilde has graduated from just sex to ANAL sex, and here’s her asstastic debut! Now, if only she could graduate from her boyfriend to fucking someone else… like me.

Pictures from: Busty Buffy

Busty Buffy doing analBusty Buffy doing analBusty Buffy doing analBusty Buffy doing analBusty Buffy doing analBusty Buffy doing analBusty Buffy doing analBusty Buffy doing anal

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13 comments on “Lucie Wilde is doing Anal Now!”

  1. answerman says:

    Second to last picture shes definitely asleep. Still emotionless as ever in all the others.

  2. Stonecrow says:

    Eh, she’s been doing anal for a while now…

  3. Sportsman says:

    Xnxx has a video of her in a ganbang / dp

  4. Lance Burton says:

    I am pretty sure you could drive a double decker bus into her ass and her expression wouldnt change.

  5. Me says:

    She actually did anal in one of her very first scenes (before she got her own site and became Busty Buffy). She jumped right into things and started with anal, anal gangbangs, the works. And some of those scenes were with actual porn pros. They were the “spit in the girl’s mouth” kind of guys, which is a turn off for me.

    Her expressions aren’t great, but I actually think she’s getting much better. I don’t want to dismiss her out of hand, because a body like that doesn’t come along every day.

  6. Pefr says:

    Seriously Niklas, no-one cares.

  7. Naer says:

    Look up her LegalPorno scenes. Might even find DP there.

  8. Morrdigan says:

    As others have said, she has scenes of anal and with people other then her bf. Still just as boring which is crappy because I really want to like her but her sex is just boring.

  9. Red says:

    I just don’t get the appeal of this girl. Judging by some other comments, I’m not alone. I think “Lucy Mild” every time I read this girls name.

  10. GEORGIA97 says:

    From the looks of that second picture she needs to look into getting her cinnamon ring bleached.

  11. Soxfan14 says:

    It’s hard to believe she can look so bored while getting fucked in the ass. That being said, her body is always worth a good look.

  12. ca uk says:

    I think shes pretty amazing, her hangers are fucking incredible. Many dont like her tho which I just dont get!!!! Incredible tits, tight ass and slim n stacked but guys moan about her expression. Wow!!!!!

  13. Stan Helsing says:

    Obviously some of you guys watch porn for the Oscar-worthy faked orgasms and various other facial expressions. Me? I just wanna see tittys, pussy and ass.

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